Monday, March 15, 2010


Look what my mom brought me from the Lebanon Quilt Show!

Aren't they gorgeous!?
They seem to be Czech glass buttons, from what I can see of the seller's website.
I think they would look great on a bracelet like this:

Or maybe a ring? Or maybe I just want to keep looking at them and imagining what they could be!

And she got this fabric:

They're going to make great pillows for my living room sofa, to match the turquoise walls and bright colors!


janet said...

Oooooo....we love your mom!!!!

S and O said...

you have an amazing mother...that's all I can say...



Jessica said...

Very pretty!

Good Girls Studio said...

Your mom rocks! I think she would have fun shopping with my mom & they would find us loads of cool goodies!

*I have button envy*


Cheryls Purple Cow said...

Hi. I am following you now and I nominated you for an award. check it out here:

jenni said...

I want to cry those buttons are so purdy!