Thursday, March 11, 2010

Vintage Boutique Cuteness

Last summer when I first started my etsy shop, the lovely ladies of Trendy Bindi's Boutique offered to consign my clips in their vintage boutique. I was already thrilled about that, but the first time I walked into the shop I was barely able to contain myself! (You'll see!) Stephanie and Kerry are the owners of Trendy Bindi, and they're a mother-daughter team! How cool is that! And they're just the sweetest people ever.

Waynesville is the antiques capital of the midwest. Main street is lined with adorable little shops, many out of classic Victorian houses. But none I've visited have the style and charm of Trendy Bindi. First off, it's in the cutest house you've ever seen, with a beautiful Victorian porch. The front door opens into a candy pink room, filled with vintage clothes, china, and housewares. And the hats! So much fun. There's even a little dressing room!
The next room is painted a sweet lavender, and it's just beautiful. Antique furniture, vintage jewelry, and handmade pretties are tucked into every nook and cranny. And more hats!
Finally there is the kitchen room, the pale green original paint intact. It's a retro kitchen collector's dream come true. That would be me. Seriously, it's overwhelming. I spent two hours there last week exploring and chatting, and I still didn't see everything. When I got home and uploaded my photos, there were all kinds of little discoveries peeking out!

Ok ok, on with the photos!

Check out this shoe cabinet thing! Can't you just picture your heels tucked into those little shelves?

Aren't these books adorable? Look at the spoon lady with rice hair! I want a collection of vintage Better Homes and Gardens books. This is a great place to start :)

These girls have more floral hankies than you can shake a... a hankie at! I could just go crazy!

Aren't these lamps fabulous?

They're actually tole chandeliers- painted or enamelled metal. That yellow tulip one reeeally wants to be in my living room!

Hey! There's my little hair clip display!

Since I have the option to put any of my boutique sales towards store credit, you can imagine I've built up quite a little wishlist!

These canisters:

These sconces: (I'm picturing them on the bedroom wall, above my iron headboard!)

This adorable hat:

And this framed embroidery:

So... Somehow I don't think I'll be bringing home any profits!
Trendy's has a great website, with photos and the history of the house, and a blog with up-to-date shop happenings. (Cowgirl Fridays!) And they sell some of the vintage loveliness on etsy! So go check it out, but remember: The embroidery. IT'S MINE, ALL MINE!


janet said...

Started to list the items I loved in their shop and gave up...all gorgeous!

Good Girls Studio said...

I could spend hours getting lost in those goodies! Swoony vintage goodness :) I would probably never take home a check if I were you!

Liz Noonan said...

uuummm...AMAZINGNESS!!! those SHOES? I can't take it!
Great photos btw!

Trendy Bindi said...

Thanks so much for this lovely feature--You are just the sweetest Melissa! Also, thank you to all of you who've posted such kind comments about our little shop--we're really flattered by your praise! : D
Kerry & Stephanie