Thursday, April 1, 2010

Garden Inspiration

The last thing I need is another hobby, but I am itching to try gardening! Fortunately I live in a third floor apartment, and my only outdoor space is a 4x6 foot wooden balcony. Last year I had some potted flowers, but I'm not the greatest at keeping them alive, let alone beautiful and healthy!
Enter my newest obsession: Succulents.
Apparently they're all the rage right now. I hate it when I like things that are all the rage! Oh well, here's some lovely succulent garden inspiration:

For more inspiring succulent garden ideas, check out the flickr Succulent Gardens pool. And since my love for succulents seems to be spilling over into an obsession with terrariums, (which can be made with succulents eek!) here's the Terrariums flickr pool.

Oh and I was browsing the succulent and terrarium goodies on etsy when I came across these:

Seriously, THE cutest earrings I've ever seen. EVER!

Have you guys started your gardening plans yet? Have you come across any good tutorials?
PS. Thanks Courtney for the inspiration!


Aleutie said...

Aaaa-maizing! 80) My plan is to just throw some cardamon seeds in the box and see what happenes.

Anonymous said...

Wow those are beautiful! I found some really sweet succulents in tiny pots at Home Depot.

I am planting my garden seeds today inside and will transplant them after May 10th(risk of frost is over then). I hope I have a successful garden!

Have fun!


Joyce said...

love all of them! the earrings are super mom loves succulents hehe may have to get those for her

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

Gorgeous! We don't even have a balcony, so that sounds pretty good to me. I'm longing for an apartment with outdoor space!

Birgit said...

I love your Garden Fantasies fairy much!!!
♥ Ideas are sew sweet ♥ Just ~Flying~ by to say
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