Saturday, April 24, 2010

Milking It

I don't actually like that phrase. But it definitely applies here!

So I'm still sick, and whatever it is it's moved into my chest. Douglas has been the best husband ever, running back and forth to the shopping center down the street for movies, medicine, and vanilla cokes. (You know I love my vanilla cokes when I'm sick!)

I do have lots more wedding crafts and recipes to post, but there's no way I'm getting out of bed. So here's a mini movie review of the weekend:

  • The Princess and The Frog- It was great to have a good old-fashioned animated Disney movie again, but there was an insane amount of voodoo-spiritistic-creepy shadow soul-snatching creatures flitting around. We did a lot of chapter skipping on that DVD.
  • Where The Wild Things Are- Huh? I don't remember the book like that at all, but it has been about 20 years. I liked the creatures, I thought the whole look and feel was very close to the original book illustrations. But I spent the whole movie trying to figure out which character was meant to be represented by which creature. Was Judith the mom? Was KW the sister? I dunno. And where was the little boy the entire time this whole fantasy was taking place- passed out in an alley somewhere? Why did his mom stop looking for him? Why did her boyfriend leave instead of looking for him? Why didn't the mom give the kid a good old-fashioned spanking in the first place?? ....Let's move on.
  • Young Victoria- Pretty good. I love Emily Blunt. But I was mega-confused the entire time. Was the prime minister dude good or bad? Why did everyone care who she chose as her ladies-in-waiting, whatever those are? Why didn't she just have that Sir John guy beheaded or something? Oh well, at least she didn't die at the end like Marie Antoinette. I mean, I know it's real people in history, but it was still pretty disturbing when I found out that Marie Antoinette died a terrible death, even though the movie didn't show it.
  • Clueless- Do I really need to review that one?
  • The Blind Side- Pretty good. I don't normally watch sports-ish movies, but I love Sandra Bullock. She was so beautiful. And thin. *sigh* I liked that it was a true story. I did not like how the preteen daughter wore pounds of makeup. I loved the little boy, he was so adorable!
To me, a movie is either great or abysmal based on whether or not I'd ever buy the DVD or rent it again. Sadly, the only one of those I'd probably ever watch again is Clueless. Yeah, I know. Really sad.

So I guess I'll cuddle up with my laptop and catch up on Bones, House, and Glee. And maybe work on some custom orders. Of course, I doubt those poor customers wanted contagious viruses with their purchase, so maybe I'll just wait.
Procrastination at its best.

If Douglas goes back out for more movies, I'm thinking of asking for some chick flicks. Like, completely peril-less romantic comedies. Any suggestions?


Good Girls Studio said...

Hope you feel better soon! I hate watching any movie more than once however I've actually seen Clueless several times & I'm not the biggest fan of that one movie critiquing skills are pitiful ;)

Lisa said...

Ugh, I think I have the same thing you have. I wonder how that happened...

It's either going to be a Jane Austen movie day, or a DVR'd "Law & Order" day. Or I may just lie in bed and sniffle.

Anonymous said...

Feel better cough-y Mc Cough-erson!

I am wanting to see Young Victoria. So,SPOILER ALERT wouldve been nice on your post thankyouverymuch.

Oh and movie recs?

Lets talk:
Julie and Julia(lovelovelove-except I HATE the boyfriend/husband in that! grrr)
Pride and Prejudice(the newest)(even Kiera Knightley doesnt ruin that movie!!)
The Devil Wears Prada (love it so much.)
Um....thats all i canthink of right now.


jc said...

Do get well soon!

Tizzalicious said...

Feel better! ♥

SewSweetStitches said...

Thanks everyone!

Sorry Courtney, but seriously not a lot to spoil about Victoria. I love all the movies you suggested!

Oh and incase anyone is wondering, 500 Days of Summer was just dumb. No plot, personality-less characters, completely boring. There, I said it.