Thursday, April 29, 2010

My Life In A Pie Chart: Fail

I decided to cut Handmade Wedding Week a bit short, because apparently nobody cares about weddings. And because I have other things to focus on, like the SIX custom orders I have waiting. Eeek! So excited about that. 
I think today I'm going to get a big ol piece of posterboard and make a giant schedule for myself. I'm very much into lists, schedules, and charts. I get a weird satisfaction out of tracking progress on Google Analytics. I wish I had that for my life. I have to get control of my life, hopefully by sticking to a daily schedule. So here's what I want to fit into my week:
  • Bible reading/study
  • Homeschooling my kid
  • Keeping my kitchen clean
  • Visiting my grandparents
  • Exercise
  • Stocking my etsy shop
The key here is going to be not sleeping until 10am every day. I try really, really hard to wake up at like seven, but usually I sleep right through my alarm. I think maybe a big part of that is the Celexa. I was supposed to be totally off it by the beginning of March, but I'm still struggling at 2mg. It's amazing how completely wacked out the lack of a little pinhead-sized chunk of a pill can make me.

And yeah, I said homeschooling up there. I haven't talked a lot about that on here because I'm getting a lot of mixed reactions so far. My daughter just turned three, but I'd like to get her in a routine of quietly completing classwork for a certain amount of time throughout the week. We also plan to put her in a weekly class outside of home, like an art activity or dance class. For the home classes, I'm going to start with something she already loves: art. Here's the result of our first "art class" this week:

Those are supposed to be recycled crayons. You know, where you melt down the old broken crayon bits in muffin cups? I don't know what I did wrong. When Douglas came home, he saw the green one on the floor and thought it was an ancient Reeses Cup haha!
I bought her a couple little workbooks for pre-kindergarten. She has a dry-erase board with printed letters for tracing and she absolutely loves that thing. She can name all the letters and write a few by herself, so I think she'll really like the workbooks.

Now the thing with the etsy shop is difficult. My goal is to make enough money to cover whatever my husband's income doesn't. Like, toilet paper and feeding the ravenous apartment washing machine with an obscene amount of quarters. My child support from my ex-husband is going to be drastically reduced in June, so I need to start making about $200 profit per month by then. Ha! I'm at a point where I'm struggling to keep up with the custom orders I have, but... where's my $200? *sigh* I need professional help.
In more ways than one.


Christina said...

Aww, I can relate in many ways. I don't wake up early(usually my son is my alarm clock, which needs a snooze button). I was waking up earlier after we got home from India because of the whole jet lag thing. I liked it in a way, but now I am back into going to bed late and waking up late. I also need to do more bible study time. And cleaning up!

Mary P. said...

that pie chart made me lol. I can relate too.

As far as Etsy goes, I am no expert on pricing....and you didn't solicit my help...but definitely make sure you're paying yourself enough and if you're not already - price at retail vs. wholesale. Your wears are really lovely and of high quality AND unique - trifecta of handmade power! (in my humble opinion, you may be able to raise your prices and keep selling!)

Becca said...

i'm new to your site, came for the paper flower tutorial. my pie chart is strangely similar to yours, including the bones reruns. what is it about that show? it sucks me in and i can't get away.

Hannah said...

Ahh sleeping in is my problem too! x_x I can't sleep at night so then oversleep so then I can't sleep and so on, it's a sad tired vicious circle paha. Great tutorial! Keep it up :) and nice to see someone put bible reading and study high on their priorities :)

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