Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Photo Extravaganza

Or more accurately, Spring Allergy-Inducing Extravaganza!

There's a gorgeous arboretum not too far from us, and I have wonderful memories of playing there ever since I was little. This is the first week all the flowering trees, daffodils, and tulips have bloomed so we took Carly this weekend.

I expected to get some great photos, but I was blown away by my little girl's modeling capabilities. Has she been watching Project Runway when I'm not looking?
I'd tell her to smile at me, and she'd strike a pose fit for Vogue. Look at this!

There are several dozen more on my flickr, if anyone's interested. I'm still pouting because all my cherry blossom shots were utter crap. The sky was almost a turquoise, it was so blue. Everything was perfect, I don't know what's wrong with me!

Well anyway, after the park we went to my aunt's salon and had a family hair makeover.

Carly's first real haircut

This was Carly's first real haircut, and she absolutely loved it! She really thought she was hot stuff since she got her hair washed in the fancy sink and all. I'd love for her hair to grow long, but last year it started falling out and got really thin. It's just starting to grow back, so she has two-inch-long fluff sprouting all over the top and then the long scraggly baby hair down her back. She looked like she had a baby mullet!

And I finally gave in and got a darker color gloss and bangs. Or fringe. Whatever the kids are calling it these days. I don't normally fuss with my hair much. I figure once I start coloring or styling it, that's just one more thing to keep up with. But the mood struck, and it was done.
Ta da!

Thank goodness my aunt is such an awesome stylist, and of course owns her own chic salon. If it were up to me, I'd have some wacky violet or pinky-orange color goin on. But I trust her professional expertise, and I know she'll do whatever looks best. And now I can wear my hair in a ponytail without feeling like a man teehee!


ElegantSnobbery said...

AW, those are such cute photos!! I especially love the one with her and the daffodils. SO CUTE!!

My kids have never had their hair cut by anyone other than me... and I tend to get overzealous with my snipping. Poor kids. Maybe they need a fun salon day, too!

You are all so darned cute!!

Anonymous said...

Is Carly "smiling with her eyes"? Looks like it to me! :-)

And I LOVE THAT haircut pic of her...she looks SO happy about the whole thing. And the kids are calling it bangs I think :-)

Anonymous said...


Iva said...

your little one is darling!