Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Triple Ginger Cookies

{chocolate-dipped truffles, triple ginger cookies, cocoa-powdered truffles on the dessert buffet at my wedding}

My sister-in-law Jessica made the bestest cookies ever for my wedding! I looove ginger, and these cookies are packed with ginger! (They're not crispy, like ginger snaps. They're chewy and sweet. Wow my mouth is really watering right now just thinking about them!
After the wedding, I packed up every single last leftover cookie and took them with me to the cabins where we stayed the rest of the weekend. They were gone by the next morning!

Get the recipe and the chef's tips and tricks at 101Cookbooks.com
Apparently they're quite a bit of work, because the secret is mincing the ginger to infinitesimal bits. But seriously, SO worth it!
If you really love me, you'll send me a box of these!

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