Tuesday, April 20, 2010

The Wedding Cake Fiasco

Ok before you see the pictures of my actual cake, let me show you what the cake was supposed to look like:

Aaaand here's what we got:

Ok, it's not that hateful, (actually that bottom tier is really pretty!) but it's definitely not what the bakery promised.
See I looked at probably a bazillion wedding cakes online, and I wanted it to be so perfect, because a. I had been watching a lot of Ace of Cakes, and b. How many times do you get to have a multi-tiered cake professionally decorated?I loved the look of fondant cakes, but I heard they taste gross and plus I wanted something really old-fashioned to go with my vintagey theme. I couldn't find anything pretty in buttercream and royal icing like I pictured, so I checked out tons of library books about cake decorating, thinking I could pull it off myself. (Once I did a flaming electric guitar for my brother's graduation and I think it turned out pretty cool, so how hard could a 4-foot tall cake be?? haha!) I practiced a few times before giving up, and nobody can tell you better why I gave up than my mom:
(shamelessly copied and pasted from Mom's blog)

"Speaking of Missy mishaps, I wish I had a video of the cake-frosting incident of yesterday evening. She had spent all afternoon making several different sizes of cakes to give to her fiance and his family, and to practice her cake-baking and cake-decorating skills. I think she had some vague hope that she would be able to do the wedding cake herself and save a few bucks.
Well, the lopsided and slightly singed parts of the cakes were trimmed off, so that was okay. The crumb-coating could have been a lit
tle better, but that takes practice. The decoration on The Fiance's cake was nicely done, if you like turquoise frosting with hot pink piping and didn't see the side where she dropped the decorating bag on it. And the cake she made for our family to eat was certainly delicious, even if it didn't show quite the care that had been lavished on The Fiance's cake. (At least it was a normal color--pale cream--straight from the can.)
But the highlight of it all was when she was slapping on the last of the frosting for The Fiance's parents' cake, and managed to flip the whole thing off the counter and upside-down on the floor. Don't ask me how she did it. I think it was a slightly-too-vigorous swipe across the top with a two-inch thick smear of frosting that sent it flying. I
so wish I'd had the video camera.
We all performed our respective parts perfectly: The Baker/Decorator/Fiancee was open-mouthed, The Fiance was obviously amused but appropriately tender in his commiseration with the still open-mouthed Baker/Decorator/Fiancee, The Mother (me) was practically peeing in her pants because she was laughing so hard, and The Father (DH, who has waaaaay too strong a streak of analyst in him) was explaining to the
still open-mouthed Baker/Decorator/Fiancee exactly why the cake had zoomed off the counter and done a half-gainer in mid-air. The dog was trying to get to the cake on the floor, and the cats wisely turned their backs on the whole mess.
I think we'll be checking around for good cake decorators as the day gets closer.

Ok so yeah I might not have done that good a job on the wedding cake.
However, my 3-year-old could decorate circles around whoever made this monstrosity:

That's our groom's cake. Obviously, it was carrot cake, his favorite. And it was a surprise, so I wanted it to look stunning. Not like someone had used their thumb to decorate the sides.

Here's the enraging part- When Mom and I went to the bakery to order the cakes, the shop owner looked at the pictures I brought and promised to produce an exact copy. She even drew out a diagram of which tiers we specifically wanted copied. She'd owned this bakery for a bazillion years and happened to specialize in buttercream and royal icing decorating. We tasted the samples, they were delicious, and their prices were the best in town. That's when the decision was made to add the groom's carrot cake to the order, since it tasted phenomenal and the price was so good.
But we pointed to a display cake embellished with neon orange turd blobs and did our best to tactfully explain that we did NOT want it to look anything like that. She assured us that we would have elegant carrots with tiny blue flowers to match our bunny cake topper, and went off to place the order. Mom and I giggled about how the display cake looked like something straight out of Cake Wrecks, and breathed a sigh of relief that we found the perfect bakery to make our perfect cakes. And yes I know lots of girls don't even get a wedding cake and there are starving children in China who would love to have my discarded bread crusts so how dare I crab about a misshapen cake, but come on...!

Right. Well, like I said, they tasted wonderful and that's all that matters, right? I know because I took a bite out of each different-flavored tier teehee! And with the whole dessert buffet setting, I don't think (hopefully) anyone noticed.

The cake was displayed between the two dessert tables, kind of as a centerpiece. If you look really close at the left side, you can see the little photo frame I made for the picture of the Taco Bell sauce packet he gave me as a proposal!

And here's me sneaking a triple ginger cookie while we waited for the cake cutting stuff to get started:

Here's a closer look at my beautiful cake topper:

My mom found it at an antique shop, I think she paid $10 for it. I could have cried when she brought it home. I desperately wanted a vintage topper, but they were so expensive online and I'd almost given up. I was thinking of making one out of millinery birds, but I'm so in love with the vintage one!

Anyone else have any wacky wedding stories?


ElegantSnobbery said...

Oooh, I've arrived late to your wedding week posts, so I just looked at them and WOWZER your dress was gorgeous and you are the cutest thing EVER. And a dessert buffet! Love it!

Carapace said...

I promise, NO ONE except the bridal party notices these things. It's general ambience that sticks in everyone's mind, not the details that are driving you mad. They'll all go home thinking it was a lovely wedding and the couple looked so happy.

Promise. And at least your caterers didn't throw your cake *away*, as happened at one wedding I attended....0_o

Vanessa said...

I'm sorry that your cake wasn't what you expected. Your toppers were super cute though!

Good Girls Studio said...

Stunning bride! The cakes aren't that terrible ;) well, I guess if you were expecting something off of Ace of Cakes ...at least they tasted really yummy! & the toppers are adorable!

Your moms commentary was hilarious!:)


LaurieAnna's Vintage Home said...

I've just discovered your blog. After reading your post I can feel your pain that the blog wasn't what you were hoping for, but I can assure you that your guests enjoyed them and that they were focused on the love in the room! It's nice that you shared your honest thoughts....you were a beautiful bride! Very nice blog!

Splendid Little Stars said...

I agree that you dress is lovely. That's a difficult story about the cakes. However, it was a wonderful day and the cakes tasted good, which is almost more important. Your mother's tale is hilarious! Oh well. It makes it all the more memorable and stories will be told for years to come.

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