Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Wedding Week: Handmade Decorations

This was the collage I made when I was planning my wedding. I love the vintage style, the combination of different shades of pink and turquoise with gold and silver, and lots of feathers.

I first saw these gorgeous tissue paper pompoms on Martha Stewart's wedding website. I bought a pompom kit and a tissue paper flower kit at the craft store. I thought it would be cheaper to make all the flowers for the centerpieces with the kits, but even with the weekly coupons, it would have been like $200 to have one bouquet for each table! No way. 
Once I worked through the first kit, I bought a roll of florist wire and I cleaned out all the stores in a 15-mile radius who sold pink and turquoise tissue paper. Fortunately, there is a wholesale craft supply store in the area selling tissue paper packs for fifty cents, so I was able to make several hundred flowers and pompoms.

Here's me pre-ceremony helping to decorate the tables:

Even the napkin rings were made of tissue paper! I folded two napkins together and wrapped a mini pompom/flower around them. Each plate had a little tiny menu showing through from underneath. I printed them out on hot pink paper and cut them into squares. After my poor hands cramped from cutting scallops around the edges, my dad took over and finished them the night before the wedding.

Each table had one of four kinds of vases with a bouquet. There were clear bud vases, big pink round vases, vintage milk glass bud vases, and turquoise bowl vases. Each bouquet had all different shades of pink pompom flowers and a few glitter feathers in gold, silver, and pink.

I bought dozens of vintage crystal punch glasses from a thrift store, and we used them for tea light candles on the tables. I also rounded up photos of weddings from my family and Doug's family and framed them with scrapbook paper, ribbon, and tiny flower and jewel embellishments. I wrote their names on the back and we set them on the tables as decorations. They matched the handmade invitations, and I think the guests had a good time going from table to table to see all the different photos.

I worked on the tissue paper pompoms and flowers for months before the wedding. I even took them with me to work and cut the pieces while I was on the phone (I answered phones for a credit card company.) By the time the wedding came around, my bedroom was completely stuffed with pompoms! The week before the wedding, I had a little pompom-making party and my bridesmaids helped me put the bouquets together.

I said I never wanted to see tissue paper again for the rest of my life!
But after a year, I think I'm over it. Come back tomorrow for a tissue paper flower/pompom/garland tutorial. They make great decorations for a party or around the house!


Mary P. said...

I love your pink and turquoise centerpieces. We're having a party this summer for our wedding and I think pompom flowers on the tables might be the way to go - or will it become too much of a pain? :)

SewSweetStitches said...

Thanks! Will it be a pain? Most definitely. Unless you have, like, 3 tables! But well worth it.

Tanda C. said...

I love the pompoms and can't wait to make some. I also like how you draped the lights and for my daughters wedding I'm hoping to do something similar. Did you drape the lights with tulle? Thank you for your inspiration!

Arms61200 said...

I love these and I want to know how to hang tr Pom Poms from the ceiling along with the Tulle and Christmas lights. I want to use these for my reception so any input will help thanks. Armswirth@gmail.com

Katie said...

So cute! How did you do the tulle and lights?

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Perfect Wedding arrangement. Everything was handmade, very crafty! I love the idea of this, it's cheap but very elegant.

benilhalk said...

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