Monday, April 19, 2010

Wedding Week!

Here's the plan:
  • As many recipes and tutorials as I can manage in a week.
Oh, and lots of photos. Let's just do those now, shall we?

We had a family friend play the violin as our goin' down the aisle song. That was reeeally cool.

My daughter Carly was supposed to be the flower girl, but I guess it's a little overwhelming for a 2-year-old. I didn't get to see this part firsthand, but it looks like she insisted on taking her stuffed bunny down the aisle haha! (Although I made her practice with a silk flower at home for weeks ahead of time!) She ended up being carried the rest of the way.

Doin the ring thing...
Honestly I don't remember anything about this part except trying not to let snot drip down my dress. (I was really sick!) I had a tissue but I didn't want to use it because then people might thing I was getting all emotional or something. And then I forgot to get my flowers back, which made it awkward after the whole "Mr. and Mrs." announcement, like I was just standing there with no flowers. Oh and then the minister didn't say anything about kissing, and so my mom said, really loud, "Kiss her!"
You can kind of see in the back how all the guests were seated at their tables during the ceremony. The venue was cozy [small] and it would've been impractical to have rows of chairs for the ceremony and then move them all around again for the reception. It worked out great, we just walked down a runner through the middle of the tables, and everyone was already settled in so that the waiters (family friends) could serve the hors d oeuvres right to the tables while we did formal pics:

Here's my dad, and my awesome bouquet. Seriously, it was the most beautiful bouquet ever in the whole world. It had peonies, roses, sweet pea, rununculous, and some kind of berry.

I think this might be my favorite photo of all time. This is my brother's wife Jessica, isn't she the most beautiful woman in the whole wide world? I love her so much.

Here's mah bridesmaids. I loved their dresses, and I hope they did too! When we went to the bridal shop to pick them out, I chose like a dozen and they narrowed it down to these and then I mostly picked the colors. OH and I forgot to tell you about MY wedding dress story! Ok, tomorrow maybe...

Here's me being a bridezilla. Kidding, I wasn't. At least I don't think I was. Although I was addicted to the TLC show Bridezilla for months before the wedding!

My little sweetie... I can't believe how well she remembers the wedding. She likes to take her blankies and wrap them around her head like a veil and pretend she's walking down an aisle. Which is a bit odd, since I didn't have a veil. I dunno where she got that idea.

Here's me acting stupid. Which is what I usually do when a lot of people are paying attention to me. I think this was actually the first dance, which is so awkward. I mean, why do they make us do that? First off, neither of us know a thing about dancing. And then it's like what do you talk about while you're dancing?
"Well that was great huh?"
"Um.. yep. So, what d'ya wanna do now?"
When really all I could think about was FOOD!
Am I the only cold-hearted piglet who thinks this??

And then he sang to me. "For Once In My Life", Michael Buble style.

So after all the mushy love stuff was done, I really got to party...
Here's me leading the conga line:

There is a picture of me somewhere out there sprawled on my face after I fell while dancing. I think I was trying to dip my mom.

And here's my grandma with Carly. Aren't they adorable? I love this picture:

Here's my brother Jesse and Jessica- Awww!
He's the one I have to thank for all these gorgeous photos. Seriously, there were sooo many I (obviously) had a really hard time picking just a few. But I'm really bummed that we didn't get a picture of us together. I must've been too busy thinking about food.

Carly ran around with my grandma's camera like a crazy child and then she dropped it on the dance floor and it broke. She just wanted to take pictures like every single other guest there!

Oh and then here's me stalling after most of the guests went home. I really didn't want to leave, because I was having a blast and there was lots of chocolate. And I had a little sip of Di Saronno too, but that's just because I was so sick. I mean miserable sick, in fact I'm pretty sure I had the flu. But the amaretto perked me up plenty enough to snatch a vase for a microphone....

...And force my bridesmaids to join in!

"La la la look at my giant noooosehooooles...!"

I promise to tell you all about my crazy insistence on a knitted wedding dress, and the horrific enslavement my poor mother experienced for some weeks afterward.

PS. Isn't my brother fab? Check out his photography website.

PPS. Dear anyone whose picture wasn't on this post, I'm really sorry and it doesn't mean I don't love you it just means I can only upload so many!


Blair said...

Oh em gee. Your dress. Your hair. Twinkle lights.


I love it all. You look gorgeous.

Christina said...

You look so beautiful and it looks like it was a very happy, fun, lovely day!! :)

Joyce said...

wow ur dress is so beautiful! great choices for everything!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

So pretty! It looks like a fabulous day. I love your entire bridal look - gorgeous!

Kristin said...

Congrats on your 1 year anniversary! You look beautiful!!!! And your wedding looked like so much fun. Also, could your daughter be any cuter??? My fiancé and I are starting to plan our wedding, which will be a year from now so I'm looking forward to said tutorials! :D

Anonymous said...

Your special day is so beautiful and I am absoultely in LOVE with your dress. If you don't mind me asking, can I ask who the designer is? Thank you! ~Sam