Wednesday, April 21, 2010

You're Knitting A WHAT??

"A wedding dress."
*Look of disbelief* "Why??"
*Look of incredulity* "Uhh because it's cool??"
*Look of fright* "We don't have to wear knitted dresses too, do we?"

So that's how the conversation went with my bridesmaids. Of course it didn't end up happening, but it would've been cool! IT WOULD HAVE!

I got the idea after seeing this on

(Rowan's Arwen Ball Gown)
Ok, work with me here people.

Picture it in antique white, with a pale pink waist and soft rosettes crowning a draped neckline. I would wear a giant crinoline underneath, it would have a feminine ruffle at the bottom, and of course a sweeping train. My version had larger stitches and was made of kidsilk haze, so it would be soft and hazy but a pale pink shimmery satin skirt would peek through from underneath, giving the entire dress a dreamy blushing glow. And my loving mother would knit me the most intricate, exquisite shawl known to mankind to wear as a veil, and after the wedding I would keep it displayed at home as an heirloom forever. My bridesmaids would all wear hand-knit lace gloves, and each guest would get a hand-knit kidsilk rosette perched on their place-setting to wear as a corsage or boutonniere. The tables would have vintage vase centerpieces filled with knitted roses sitting atop a hand-knit doily.

Nobody would laugh at me, or back away slowly as I described this enchanted vision.

*Insert record-scratching noise that brings us back to reality.*

I knit one rosette before I gave up.
My poor mother didn't get off so easy.

{Winding the cones of yarn at a speed of one cone per hour.}

After much begging and pleading [whining], she finally gave in to the idea of knitting my wedding dress. I thought it would be neat if we did it together, like I could knit some when she developed carpal tunnel from making 4800 stitches per round, but my parts of the dress would be scrunched and tight and filled with holes (because I knit waaay too tight and have a bad habit if refusing to repair my constant accidental yarn-overs.)
(If you want to hear more technical knitting details, read Mom's blog)

That's right, 4800 stitches PER ROUND. So lets see: 36 inches of 5 rows each, at 4800 stitches per row... carry the one... that's... 864,000 stitches. And that's only the bottom part of the skirt! Before that is 12 inches of 5 rows at 2400 stitches. Plus a ruffle, oh and I can't go topless so there's that part. It took her 90 minutes to do one round of laceweight at 2400 stitches, so that would end up being..... 720 hours. Not including the bodice and other fluff stuff.

OMG I'm so sorry Mom!

Well, here's as far as it got:

The yarn we chose was a luxurious blend of cashmere, merino, and shimmery viscose. Gorgeous stuff. But the color was a lot more gray than how it looked when she ordered it online, and we came to the conclusion that no amount of bright shimmery underskirt could lessen the dinginess. So there be the end of the hand-knit wedding dress.
But that's totally ok, because my parents bought me this!


janet said...

Poor Mom! Hey...can't say you did not give it a go...;-)

Yellow House Knits said...

I can see your vision, and it really, really does sound lovely. Props to your mom for being willing to give it a whirl (and with a smile too)!

But the dress you ended up with is pretty spectacular too, so I think you did ok in the end!

Lisa said...

Aaaaand it was worth every penny, both because of the way you looked and because I didn't have to finish the @&!! knitted dress.

Maya said...

That's a sneaky way to get your parents to get you a fancy dress. It's a hell of a lot less work lol If my mom could knit or do anything crafty, I'd be trying this in a a few years when my fiancé and I get married lol Congrats!