Thursday, May 13, 2010

Cooking, Babies, and Fractured Fingers

Ok, that's actually one allegedly fractured finger. 
A couple weeks ago I was horsing around with Carly (Who came up with that phrase anyway?) And my index finger somehow got twisted around the wrong way. It hurt pretty bad at the time, but then I forgot all about it. Strangely, the joint from the base of the finger to the hand has been growing more painful and swollen since then. I can move it fine and it doesn't hurt to poke at it or squeeze it, but I can't pick up or grip anything with that part of my hand. I googlenosed myself (that's a google diagnosis y'all...) And it sounds like a minor fracture that wouldn't be treated with anything but some tape anyway.

Anyway, I had my precious little nephew today:

I promised his mommy that I'd never let him watch tv. So far the days he's here are official No TV days, but I caved late this afternoon to a whiny request for Dora from a 3-year-old who had not had her afternoon nap. He looks quite entranced there, but he lost interest quickly in favor of a warm bottle.

Here's dinner:

It's from Cooking Light magazine: Beef Tips in Mushroom Gravy. Mine turned out more like mushroom sauce, which was fine with me. I was surprised with how low-calorie this was and how inexpensive it was to make, even with good quality meat. Also it only dirtied two dishes and a cutting board to make.

Oh and I made Martha's Old Fashioned Sugar Cookies:
Actually these were mostly for my new neighbors. Our neighbor-across-the-hall relationship has gotten off to a horrifying beginning, and to save my apartment from vandalism and my tires from nails, I thought homemade cookies would smooth things out. Totally worked, too. So far.

So, that was my day! How was yours?


Good Girls Studio said...

I love a good cooking light meal followed by cookies :) Hope your finger feels better soon! {kisses to make it all better}


janet said...

I made cookies today also...must have been that kind of day. Hope your finger feels better soon!

Anonymous said...

You are a busy woman!

Jessica said...

Aw- I love the pics! So cute. I'll let the Dora incident slide...but just this once;) Aw- but they looked soooo cute all cuddly together on the couch! They are getting so big. *tear*