Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Creative Inspiration

With the last etsy sale I made, I went on a vintage button shopping spree. I'm really excited about what I got!

Those red ones in the bottom middle are glass, I love those! Also got some floral patterned:

The flower ones might go well in the center of my gigantor fascinators, but the floral patterned ones may end up in the center of flower hair clips. Or maybe as part of embroidered jewelry? I was thinking that the top  patterned ones would be neat in the center of several felt circles with scallop embroidery and joined together in a bracelet? Or as a pendant....
The patterned ones in the lower left corner remind me of Target's Liberty housewares line that people are going so bonkers over. I may have to take an inspirational trip to Target! (Totally for business purposes, you know...)

And here is my latest idea- A coffee cup cozy with the SewSweetStitches logo motif:

(Pretend those crazy crayon flowers look just like the ones all over my blog background.) And maybe the background could even have little orange french knot polka dots? Hehehe I'm really excited about this!

Any ideas for the new buttons? How do you think the cup cozy would do in those colors?


Anonymous said...

Love those buttons! I think the light pink/green floral would be ADORABLE in the middle of a flower clip/headband!

Liz Noonan said...

love them! did you see the post I did on buttons? It was just last week - here ya' go!

Down To Earth News said...

Can't wait to see what you do with them. I know it something wonderful.

Jo Ann

Josey said...

I have a mad obsession with buttons!
Those are too adorable and the coffee cozy is cute!

janet said...

I know whatever you create will be lovely!

Christina said...

Really cute buttons! I think the cup cozy would look really nice in those colors.

TanyaMac said...

Oh these are so gorgeous! i'm a total button fiend! my big mason jar is drying up so i think its definitely time to visit the haberdashery! ;D

Tanya ♥