Thursday, May 6, 2010

The Guilty Cook

Yesterday I made this fantastic mushroom ricotta pasta dish, it was unstinkingbelieveable. Seriously, you have to try it.

Just look at those mushrooms, simmering to delicious brown perfection....

And the cheese! How can anything with a handful of cheese plopped on top not be good??
This is pretty fancy cooking for me. Made especially because I felt a little guilty.
Before rushing home and whipping that up, I may have spent a shameful amount of money on fabric. Specifically, Heather Bailey fabric. Because I want to make this (M6062.):

And this (M6123.):

Come on, how long is my kid going to let me dress her in outfits that match mine? I have to act now, people!
This will be hers:

And this will be mine:

And this luscious stuff was on sale for $4 a  yard. I'm really kicking myself for not buying more. Only now I have to find the perfect dress pattern for it. I know I should've done it while I was at the fabric store lest it fall into abandonment stuffed into a corner of the craft room, but Carly was having a major meltdown after I pried her little fists off the 12-foot restocking ladder.
I forget what it was labeled as, but it's very light, silky, and slightly sheer. Any suggestions?

Oh, and this:

Is going to be this (S2648):

This isn't exactly the most glamorous pattern I've ever seen, but the fabric is heavy and silky, so I don't think it would've worked well with anything pleated or full. Plus, this pattern claims it imparts "Amazing Fit" because it has separate pieces for everything. Helpful to a gal with thunder thighs, eh?

I got fabric for a few more other projects, but you'll just hafta wait and see! I will tell you that it involves jumbo ricrac.

Oh geez.... I just remembered why I never get around to sewing anything:
The ironing, the ironiiiiiiing!


Christine said...

Oh my goodness, the pink/green/white roses fabric is soooooo pretty!

I want to wallpaper my bathroom with it!

♥ xtine

Vanessa said...

i wanted the recipe for the mushroom thing...