Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My First Real Treasury, and Hipster Trends

I don't think it's as special now that you can make an etsy treasury any time you want, but I'm still pretty proud of my first "real" one!

I included as many of my etsy buddies as I could, and those whose blogs I really enjoy. Jenni20's oilcloth passport covers were the inspiration. I looove oilcloth! I don't have a passport though, and probably never will, so I'm waiting until she can pencil me in for a fabulous oilcloth grocery tote/coupon keeper thingie.

In other news, I'm trying something new with my hair clips. Is it too late to jump on the nautical bandwagon?
I'd like to do some clips in shapes other than just flowers:
I thought they might do well since it's almost summer. Only now I have to find a source of vintage brass nautical buttons if I ever want to re-make them!

Speaking of hipster trends, I have some exciting news that I can't tell you about just yet, but it's almost finalized. Hint: Owls with cowls, squirrels and birds, mustaches, and the word "Etsy" immortalized in embroidery by yours truly. Eeeek!


jenni said...

Ooh, look at ma jenni20 shout out. Thanks, friend. I'll work to design you the coolest fabulous oilcloth grocery tote/coupon keeper thingie eva!

PS--love your nautical clippies. Very FP worthy. :)

Odette said...

I just had to tell you that your nautical clips are stunning - and Looove the round one!