Monday, May 10, 2010

Sunday Wedding

Yesterday we went to a wedding of a long-time family friend.
 Here's the bride and groom and the back of some lady's head:

The groom cried through the whole thing, it was so sweet! I got a little teared up at the flower girl. She was precious.

My little nephew was sooo adorable!
He's wearing a little tie! Eeeek I can't stand the cuteness! He's just learned to grab onto things but hasn't quite learned to let go without a little help, especially hair and earrings! He kept gripping his little tie and yanking on it, but he couldn't let go, it was so cute! Here's my dad holding him:

Whenever dad has the opportunity to grab the little guy, he doesn't let go easily! This baby is seriously popular, and everyone is always clamoring to hold him. But I eventually stole him away:

Here's my friend Nichole, absolutely one of my most favoritest people ever:

And here are the shoes I ended up wearing:

They were actually really comfy, I think because of the ankle straps. And here's what I wore when I dragged myself out to get coffee when I woke up at NOON today!

I hate it when I do that! I mean, sleeping in is great but I feel like crap when I finally get up. And whenever I sleep too long, I have the freakiest dreams. I think I'm going to write a memoir of all my bizarre nightmares.

Oh and I almost forgot, here's the wedding present I wrapped:

I was really proud of this because it was a complete accident. I forgot to buy a bow or something to stick on top, so I looked around the craft room to see what I could use instead, and I found these millinery birds that didn't get used for my wedding. So I glued those on, but it looked too plain. So then came the feathers, followed by the silk flowers, then the gold ribbon leaves. I get a little carried away. The bride will probably be horrified. Her style is extremely chic and elegant. She likes black and white damask with red accents, very classy. But I just couldn't help myself!
Anyway, I think this would make the coolest headband ever. Who doesn't want to walk around with birds and flowers on top of their head?? Mom thinks I should just sell them as gift wrap embellishments. 


Sara said...

As gift embellishments go, those are great!!! I'm a little iffy on wearing birds in my hair. :D Great pictures!

Anonymous said...

Wow that present looks amazing!

Haddock said...

A colorful wedding.