Wednesday, May 5, 2010

Tropical Salsa Chicken

With the exception of Runts and Sour Patch Kids, I really hate fruit-flavored stuff. (Unless grape soda counts as a fruit flavor, which I highly doubt!) But I do love me some fruity chicken. I came across a recipe in Cooking Light magazine for fiery fruit salsa on veggie burgers, but I also hate spicy stuff so I had to improvise. And I fully intended to serve this on veggie burgers, but the recipe calls for barley and I cannot for the life of me find barley! Probably because I buy groceries at walmart. Hey, it's cheap. Seriously though I went up and down every stinking aisle and barley was not to be found. It probably doesn't help that I have no idea what it looks like uncooked or what form it comes in. Bagged like rice? In a box or can like bread crumbs? Soaked in a jar like pickles? I just don't know. Darn you Cooking Light magazine! Even Martha Stewart's cooking magazine gives tips about how and where to buy weird stuff, come on!

Cooking Light also failed to mention what a mango looks like or how to chop it up. If you already know, then this recipe should be easy-peasy for you. If you don't, then join me in hacking up odd-looking fruit that walmart described as a mango.
Exhibit A:

The fruit on the left is actually labeled, so it's a safe bet that it really is a mango.  But the one on the right... not so much. It was in a mango bin, and really if I had to imagine what a mango looked like without seeing the label on the yellow one, I would have definitely said the greenish pink one is the mango. So that's why I bought both of them. I can tell you this: The green one was infinitely easier to work with. The yellow one was just squishy mush on the inside. Cooking Light magazine's photo of tropical salsa included uniformly chopped orange-yellow pieces, so I don't know what was wrong with my mangoes. Ahem.

Anyway, here's my partially made-up recipe:

1 Mango
1 Avocado
1 Lime
1 Red onion
Canned pineapple tidbits (gosh I hate that word!)
Hawaiian marinade
Cherry tomatoes
Coarse salt

Before I started hacking up the fruit, I trimmed the chicken breasts and put them in the Hawaiian marinade. If you're a good fruit-chopper-upper, you might want to marinate the chicken earlier. Also chop up the red onion and set it aside.

Next, cut up the fruit whichever way you see fit. Add the chopped cilantro and the drained pineapple. Half the cherry tomatoes and gently stir them in. Refrigerate while you cook the chicken.

After the chicken has had time to marinate, grill it (I used a George Foreman) with the onion, a little extra marinade, and a sprinkling of coarse salt.

Serve with salsa.

I really liked this dish because of the unique flavors- The zesty tomatoes and cilantro with the sweet fruit and the mellow avocado. Although the next time I make it, I will use way less cilantro, it's a tad too intense for me. Also I'll double the chicken, because I used four breasts and I had a lot of salsa left over. I think I'll make more chicken tonight and use up the rest of the salsa!

SO, if you know anything about this elusive barley, or what the heck that greenish pink fruit is, or how to chop a mango, let me know!


janet said...

You had me at CILANTRO...I love the stuff!! Thanks for sharing this looks very tasty...:-)

Good Girls Studio said...

Greenish pink fruit is the mango but the other one might be one too, just a different species(?)! Barley is probably in a box or bag, looks like oats. Love fruity salsa! You should try watermelon salsa soooooo good!

Runts & Sour Patch are aspertame flavored, not fruit flavored ;) hahahaha
Happy Cinco de Mayo...or as us white folk call it...May 5th :)

Aleutie said...

I used to buy only the green mango (the right one) because they look rettier, but now I completely abandoned them and went with the yellow ones - they are sweeter and creamier :) I just posted a recipe for chutney and it specifically asked for yellow mango.

shruti said...

they're both mango, just different species. generally the yellow is the sweeter one. and you can try skinning the mango with a knife first, then slice it in any direction until you hit seed. then, turn over, do the same. it's actually pretty easy. i'm from India, so mango is like eaten everyday in the summers here. add to the fact that i've watched my grandma slice them too many times. :) hope this helps!

SewSweetStitches said...

Wow thanks everyone for the mango feedback, very helpful!