Thursday, May 6, 2010

You want me to survive on WHAT?

Ok. Here's the thing.
Remember how I was going to get toned and super slim by Sunday because I'm going to a wedding? Um yea.... about that.
Has definitely not happened. Maybe because my well-meaning husband keeps me supplied with vanilla cream soda. Maybe because I send him to Dairy Queen for chocolate cookie dough Blizzards a few too many nights a week. Whatever the reason, major FAIL.

Party or no party, this is getting out of hand. So I joined this website to help me keep track of what I eat every day to make sure I stay within a calorie limit. It asks for your height, weight, age, and activity level to calculate what your intake should be in order to lose 2 pounds per week. Guess what mine was?


That can't be right! Can it?
Alright, calm down, I can do this.
"Welcome! What have you eaten today?" It asks. Well, that's a bit forward for our first meeting, but whatever, I'll put it in. I mean, I'm  having coffee for breakfast so I'm already ahead of the game, right? I'll just type in my brand of coffee creamer here, and enter....

"You have 887 calories remaining for today." Um yea, it's 8am.
I can hear the mocking in its voice.


Mel said...

That's insane! You can't live on less than 1200 calories a day. I log all of my food intake using Calorie King - it's been so helpful.

What site did you use?

janet said... about setting yourself up for failure...I agree with Mel. It has been proven that eating less does not help with weight that I am referring to a diet that just looks at the calorie number and not the nutrition you are getting. You have to eat to kickstart your metabolism...otherwise your body goes into a shut-down mode because it thinks it is being will actually hold on to excess fat as a survival tactic. Google'll see we are right ;-) Good luck!

ElegantSnobbery said...

Oh man. Dieting. Sucks. I've done Weight Watchers successfully for years, and am past my pre-pregnancy weight because of it. But cookie dough blizzards aren't in my diet, so clearly my quality of life is suffering :(

Christina said...

Oh no hahaha. It's true that eating under 1200 cals is not good. But don't fret!! The best way to accomplish that is to eat maybe 1500 calories a day and then exercise too. You would burn a couple hundred extra calories at least with exercise. Burning 500 calories of course takes a lot of exercise, but I think even 1.5 lbs a week is a very good pace if you can't do 2lbs a week(I rarely have accomplished 2lbs a week, more like 1 lb). I can burn more calories than a thin person since I am "fluffy" and the less fluffy I get, the longer it takes to burn the same amount of calories. Kind of stinks! heehee Don't worry, I am sure you will lose the weight you want to even if it takes a little longer because you aren't going to eat 1000 calories hahaha. ;)

Joyce said...

i agree with everyone here :) eating less helps but eating smarter helps more....if you really want ice cream then have some...just half of what you usually get....and put some fresh strawberries on top

Good Girls Studio said...

I can totally hear it's mocking voice! There is a book that shows you 2 different meals & their calorie counts, it's like you cna eat one scone or for the same amount of calories eat whole wheat toast with PB, an apple & a boiled egg. You'll figure it out girl! OR just throw in an extra lap around the kitchen every time you walk in to grab a cream soda ;)

thursday said...

My partner has spent the last 3 days lecturing me about my sugar intake. This morning he brought me breakfast in bed. It was french toast and maple syrup.


Whatever boyfriend.

SewSweetStitches said...

You guys were so right! My resolve lasted until like 1pm, when I took the kids on a donut hole picnic. Argh!