Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Dear First Day of Summer,

I hate you.
You are a reminder that this disgustingly hot and sticky weather we've already been enduring for over a month is just the beginning and the worst is yet to come. I bet you were feelin pretty salty that you got rained out, eh?

Yep, it stormed all day in Ohio. And it's been raining most of today too. Neener neener!
Anyway, how have you guys been? I can't believe I haven't posted in over a week. I wanted to take a few days off to get a blog makeover done and to catch up on all the things I've fallen behind. It just figures that I've been sick since Friday and so I haven't really been productive at all. This is really the only thing I made:


Oh, and I went to an etsy craft party! I couldn't believe there was actually one in my city, well it turned out that there's been an etsy group right here in town all along and I just wasn't invited because they thought, from looking at my shop, that I was like 13 years old. Another reason for a shop/blog/everything makeover! So I got rid of poor Betsy and put up a crafty collage as the header. What do you think?

It's not as fancy as I imagined. Originally I hired a blog designer to completely redo the entire thing, but we ran into some complications with the commercial license for the graphics we were using. I couldn't afford to pay her to start completely over, so I put this together myself. I wish you guys could have seen what she came up with. SOOO stinking cute! Oh well, now that I know how to do it, I can change it up without too much fuss whenever the urge strikes me. And it strikes me a lot. Now I just need to redo my shop banner for it all to match.

And that got me thinking, how many bloggers and etsy shop owners would like to change their graphics whenever they'd like but don't really know how to go about it? I know there are some super cute, really fast and easy websites out there who provide free blog templates. But don't you want your own, individual, unique look?! 
My super smart brother showed me how to make graphics from my own photos, so a world of possibilities has opened up. Custom business cards? Sales postcards? Super cute invoices for your packages? Eeek!
I was considering adding a page to my blog for free images, made by me, for your crafting pleasure. Also some tutorials about how to use the images to make whatever you want and how to make your own images. Maybe how to make your own blog backgrounds, buttons, banners, etc? 
So here's my question.

What would you find useful?

I just don't know if anyone even needs this info. I mean, you guys all probably know how to do it already and I'm just now catching on haha!

Well I'm going to go vegetate on the sofa. I thought I had strep throat because it came on so suddenly and I didn't have any other symptoms but the severe throat pain and a high fever. But I took some antibiotics and I'm still aching four days later so I don't think it was strep. That's what I get for self-medicating! 

I have some photos from the craft party to share, and wedding hair clips, and recipes I've tried, etc. Tomorrow!


shruti said...

Get well soon, Melissa!!! vegetating on the sofa sounds fun ...hahah! :D ad i LOOOVE what you've come up with...the wall hanging is fantabulous. the colours! oh the colours!!!

love your stuff..i randomly drop by your blog when i need to laugh and admire beautiful things :)

keep it up!

Good Girls Studio said...

Please please pretty please share your wealth of knowledge :) {bats eyelashes}

Love the new blog page & you didn't appear to be 13 before but now you are ever so much more sophisticated!

Happy rainy summer to you!


jenni said...

Uh, your shop and design wasn't 12-years old.

I love the aqua and pink...of course. :)

(p.s. your word verification is making me type Pot Dr....say whaaaa?)

sistersue said...

I would love to learn how to do it myself. And I hope you are feeling better. Hot lemonade always makes me feel better when I have a sore throat.

louloulovesbooks said...

i LOVE that felt embroidery hanging, beautiful.