Wednesday, June 30, 2010

Dog Barf Burgers

I've always liked the veggie burgers from the grocery store freezer, I think the brand is Boca Burgers. But they're pretty expensive. Usually, recipes from Cooking Light magazine are easy and delicious. So when I came across their recipe for veggie burgers, I had to try it. 

I admit I made some mistakes. Like, I didn't have any tomato paste so I used ketchup. Mixed with the stinky cooked lentils, I believe that's what gave the mixture the distinct scent of dog barf. But when I mixed in the egg whites, it got even more disgusting:

Still, I had put in the work of chopping and grating, so I went ahead and cooked them. Well, attempted to cook them anyway. They just kept falling apart!

A heavy sprinkling dumping of seasoning salt, and they started to smell a little more appetizing. I served them on wheat sandwich thins with a thick layer of mustard.

Douglas and I didn't think they tasted so bad. But it's the first time I'd ever seen Carly run to the trash can and spit out food. So I guess she didn't like them.

Hey remember when I was asking about the bird feeders and why the wildlife was avoiding my porch like a firing range? Well a few days later I guess they finally discovered the feeders and word got around to every bird in two-mile radius. Or that's what it seems like.
Seriously, these guys are absolute pigs! I thought we'd really enjoy having the feeders on the porch so we could watch the birds and enjoy their sweet chirps. But they fight, peck at each other, and squawk loudly all day. We went through a gigantic bag of seed in two weeks.
I did enjoy watching the cardinals though. The females sat on the rail while the males went down to the feeder. They broke up the large seeds and brought the pieces up to their mates on the rail. It was so sweet!

Not my photo. {credit} Ya right, I wish I could take pictures like that!

Speaking of beautiful nature photography, check out these gorgeous shots by my brother:

He took these photos of wild horses on the beach at Outer Banks. {More horsey photos here}

*sigh* Oh to have talent like that! Can you imagine how much easier running an online shop would be?? He says it's just about learning the settings of your camera. *sigh* Oh to have brain capacity like that! lol


ElegantSnobbery said...

Wow, gorgeous photos!! And dog barf burgers... ahaha. So gross!! I need to find a non-dog barf veggie burger recipe. I can't stand the store bought kinds (expect Costco has a GREAT all natural one) and we have veggie burgers here all the time for my vegetarian hubs.

Rosa said... vomit burgers!

Have you tried any black bean and veggie burger recipes? They usually succeed where lentil-based recipes fail. :) If you can't stomach it, Costco usually has the super large boxes of boca burgers (16) for about $10. Sure beats what you pay at Whole Foods!