Friday, June 4, 2010

Domestic Diva: Fail

This week, I killed countless living creatures.
I killed two goldfish.
I killed dozens of plants.
Not even the birds will come near me.

These are the replacement of the fish I killed. Well, I didn't actually kill them myself. They just died! The day after we got them. I don't understand it at all.  But these have lived for three days, so we're doing pretty good I guess.
I just don't understand why the water is getting dirty so quickly. I think that must've been what killed the first two. We put fresh, room temp bottled water in the bowl and within hours it's so murky you can hardly see through it. Who knew caring for 25-cent goldfish would be so complicated?

I also killed countless gnats, but that was outright murder and I admit it. You know, those tiny little very irritating flying bugs? I think they're the same as fruit flies. Well I think they're coming from my plants...

...Which I also don't understand. I only water them when the dirt is dry!

Here are my pathetic excuses for tomato plants. Everyone else already has tomatoes, or at least buds on their plants. But noooo not my plants! Sheesh...

And some basil:

Yes, that is a christmas candy carton. Very classy. Hey, maybe I'll get candy-flavored basil?

And here are my birdfeeders:

They've been up for a week, but the birds are oblivious. That, or they heard an insect and fish murderer lives here. And there are so many pretty birds behind our apartments! Tons of brown birds, whatever they are, and 3 cardinal couples, and a little woodpecker, and a little black and white couple. Why don't they like my bird seed?? It came from Tractor Supply Company, birds! This is the good stuff! It was sold to me by an authentic cowboy for gosh sakes!
You guys know anything about the eating habits of snotty birds?


Good Girls Studio said... rum red rum ;)

Love the candy tin, my grandparents used to get those candies every year!

Maybe your bird feeders are too close to the house, perhaps they want privacy while they are binge eating ;)

Ps: I've killed countless fish in my day, more if you count all the sushi I consume :)

Anonymous said...

Oh my!

The fish: You may be feeding them too much. Goldfish are dirty little fish. They poop a lot. Also, if you are using bottled-water it may not be de-chlorinated water. Chlorine in tap water will kill a fish quickly.

Flies coming from plants? You might want to check out the roots. There might be root rot or even mold. I definitely recommend a repotting with fresh soil. And it looks like a couple of those are succulents so I recommend cactus soil (you can get it at any garden center).

The birds? I think your bird feeders might be too low. It's a protection thing against cats and other animals. Try hanging them higher.

I hope your luck changes for the better!!

jenni said...

and now we know the truth: you killed bambi's mom, too, didn't you!?

Darlene Servolini said...

My husband won my daughter a goldfish at a carnival the other day. The goldfish died and was flushed down the toilet before morning! :( My little girl didn't even seem to notice!

I seriously LOVEEEEE your containers and the way they're in a row like that. So cute! If I had a house with a deck like yours I would totally do something similiar.

"Candy flavored basil"- LOL!!

Good luck with getting these "snotty" birds to eat. HAHA

CrowNology said...


janet said...

Hey there! To start, you bird feeders are way too close to your house...unless your deck is huge. They are also too low. Try buying one of those wrought iron shepherd hook hangers at Tractor Supply. They screw onto the top railing and hang up and out and away from your apt. Good luck!

simpledaisy said...

No worries...
My fish on my pond died today:(
I tried to kill an algae over bloom and the only thing I killed were my poor little goldfish.....