Wednesday, June 2, 2010

Favorites: Journals

An extra installment of Favorites, since I was talking about journals so much recently. Here are my favorite handmade journals:


Christina said...

Really nice choices. :) I've never been really good at writing in a journal. When I was pregnant I did write from time to time in a pregnancy journal someone got me and I am so glad I did. Looking back on what I wrote gives me nice memories.

I have a technical question for do you get all those pictures with links? Do you use a special photo program to set it up or do you do it manually by uploading each pic onto the blog? I have been trying to find new ways to show things without it being too time consuming.

Melissa said...

I use html to get the clickable photos. It is kind of time consuming until you get the hang of it, then you can zoom through them pretty quickly. I'll email it to you!

Amanda Sainsbury said...

Thank you for including my journal! Lovely selection :)

Val Sainsbury

Your Secret Admiral said...

Lovely picks! Thank you so much for featuring my book.