Thursday, June 10, 2010

I'm In Love...

...With thread. And needles. And felt. And buttons.
You know how the cliche artist or writer locks him or herself away for days to create, not eating, sleeping, or bathing? That's how I've felt lately. Well, of course I have been eating, sleeping, and bathing, but I'd rather stay up all night and stitch! Ideas are coming to me faster than I can sew, and I've been trying to keep a list of all the new designs I want to make. On top of that, there are several pieces that I don't want to sell, so I'll have to remake them for myself!

Here in Ohio it's been gloomy and rainy many days out of the past few weeks. For some reason, that just makes me feel all the more creative. When Douglas gets home from work, I put on an audio book or my relaxing "vintage romance" Pandora channel and shut my craft room door. (It's not easy to be creative with a 3-year-old snatching your supplies!)

Here are my latest listings:

This headband has been my favorite piece this week. I don't want to let it go! Well, theoretically I'm letting it go. Maybe nobody else will see the appeal. But I'm still making another one for myself as a clip because headbands do not flatter my fat head.
In other news, I have a really pointy nose in that picture. I don't think it's like that in real life. Gosh I hope not.

Oh btw, I made this silly Monty Python treasury. Can you figure out all the obscure references?


Good Girls Studio said...

The button bracelet is soo cute! It looks like little mosaic tiles or something! Love the new work!

(your nose is sooo not pointy!)

~happy weekending~

Mortira said...

What cute designs! They're so simple, but with lots of personality. Very heart-worthy!