Saturday, June 26, 2010

Organza Flower Hair Clips for A Wedding

A couple weeks ago, a friend got married and I made hair clips for her five bridesmaids. They were the singed-petal kind that are really trendy right now. I'd never done it before, but they were sooo easy! I was thinking of posting a tutorial complete with step-by-step photos, but seriously these are a no-brainer.

1. Cut three graduating sizes of organza circles (My clips were about three inches across, so the largest petal was a three-inch circle.)
2. Hold the edge of the petal a few inches above a candle flame just until you see it curl. If there was a tricky part at all, this would be it. Depending on the type of fabric you're using, it may curl and shrivel up instantly or it might take some closer heat to affect it at all. I made a few out of satin also, and they curled really fast. After a  few failed attempts, I figured out that the trick was to pass it above the flame quickly, just enough to seal the edges. Then I gave the petal a few quick passes right through the flame in several places to make it curl just a bit. 
3. Layer the petals however you'd like- Stacked and centered from largest to smallest, or variate size and placement. Use any kind of thread to tack the layers together in the center with a few cross-wise stitches.
4. Sew on a button or beads.
5. Sew a metal snap clip to the bottom petal, or glue on a hair pin with a mounting pad.

That's pretty much it. Super simple. You can probably get up to ten clips from just a quarter yard of fabric!

The bridesmaids all had yellow clips, and my dress just happened to be the exact color of the fabric I was using:

So of course I made one for me too!
Mine had a vintage brass button in the center, dull from age, so I think I'll be able to wear it with more casual things too. All the other clips had a rhinestone in the center. I'm so glad I brought along the extras, because the flower girl ended up needing one too!

Carly felt very fancy in her matching hair clip and "twirly" dress. We couldn't get her off the dance floor- Even when it was the bride and groom's turn, we had to drag her away!

There were a few kids there her age to dance with, but eventually they were all worn out and begged Carly to sit down with them in the corner and play. She kept pushing them off of her and saying, "No! I have to dance, I have to!" When everyone came to the dance floor for the Electric Slide (which I never learned!) she stood in front of the whole group, trying to mimic the dance steps. It was so cute!

Oh, and here's her obligatory centerfold pose: *facepalm*
Crazy kid...

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Christina said...

You both look lovely in your dresses!! Your shoes are awesome too!