Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Shop Makeover

Inspired by etsy's recent blog post about rephotographing your whole shop, I decided to do a little makeover. Most of my photos were originally on a plain white background. I don't like plain anything, but I wanted a uniform look and I wanted to be able to adjust the white balance easily when I was editing the photos. It didn't always work, and I have no idea why. So frustrating!


And after:

It is more colorful, but I'm still not satisfied. Maybe it's the mixture of brights and pastels that aren't working? Maybe I should stick with all light colors? I just don't know. As a last resort, I think I'll finally look into buying a light box that will fold up for storage.

Thoughts? Tips?


Kat said...

Almost all of them look great to me except for #1 and #9 and #10. The colors are so muted that they blend in with the actual object and may actual be taking away from what customers are seeing. I have no idea what colors to suggest. The clips might look good clipped to a plant and photographed? Or the cozy's on one of those reusable ecomugs or a plain white cup in a natural setting? Or maybe you could find a couple of cute willing models for the clips? or a mannequin? I think the detail you show is really important with your work. I am with you on uniformity. I just like to get a good feel for a shop. I love your work!

Good Girls Studio said...

Your photography is good. I bought a lightbox but find I never use it. Natural light works much better for me & the photo editing program that came with my camera s easier to use than photoshop. I don't really think all your photos need to be uniform in look, more just in feel, the vibe & you're doing that well!

Shana said...

I think it looks much better. I love all the colors.

Christina said...

I think it looks good! As you probably already know, I find the picture taking process the most difficult part of trying to make my etsy shops look good! I am also never fully satisfied. :)

jenni said...

I can't even contemplate how much time that took! I don't want to. Ugh.

I need a makeover...in more ways than one.

Maybe it's because I'm such a nerd, but I always liked the ones you had on the book pages.

Your stuff is so pretty, you could photo it in a closet and it would still be pretty.