Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Vintage Scores

Lookie what I picked up from Trendy Bindi last week!

I love the bright colors in this handmade...uh... embroidered.. thingie.

And this will be my living room sewing tin. Sometimes I take my embroidery to the sofa so I can watch Bones when the stitching is simple.

That's the downside to having your work on consignment in a really cute vintage shop. It's just too easy to put your profit toward something cute from the shop. I mean, it's not like I'm spending money, right?

Actually, the little yellow pitcher arrived in the mail from Camp Hobachee, (so I did spend some profits!) Isn't it adorable? I already had the blue one, I can't believe I found a perfect match!


Christina said...

great items! :)

janet said...

Love the embroidered bouquet!!!

Good Girls Studio said...

Love the embroidered artwork! Of course it's not real money when none of it actually changes hands :)