Saturday, July 10, 2010

Betasaurus Rawr

After several weeks of innocent goldfish slaughter, I decided to choose something more... hearty... as a replacement.

I give you....

A plastic dinosaur.

Oh, and a beta fish. The teenage girls at the pet store said he'd live, "Like, a totally long time!" 
I put the plastic dinosaur in because I felt sorry for the poor lonely fish. Also, they kind of look alike. Except one has legs. And sharp teeth. And lungs. You know what, nevermind that. The point is that they will put aside their differences and form a close, lasting bond of friendship.

Betasaurus Rawr vs. Stegasaurus

I picked the name. Betasaurus Rex didn't sound right. Betasaurus Rawr, though, has a nice ring to it.

1 comment:

Good Girls Studio said...

After many a goldfish slaughter ! Love the dino but I think the beta can take him down any day of the week :)