Thursday, July 29, 2010

The County Fair

Ever since Carly saw an old version of Charlotte's Web, she's been desperate to have a ride on a farris wheel. Every time she sees a picture of one, she slaps her little hands to her chubby cheeks and screeches. When my dad told her we were going to the fair to ride the ferris wheel, she screamed louder than ever!

I haven't been to a fair myself in years, and this was Carly's first one. I was especially looking forward to the slide...

 It was just as fun as I remembered.

I lost count of the times we had to go back to the carousel. I think she would have been happy to ride only that the entire time!

Who doesn't love the Scrambler??!
This is what I wanted to ride:

But I think Carly will have to wait a few years!
I love all the rides,  except the ones that spin around like a tire swing. That's about the only thing that can make me puke. Yum.

And there were so many animals...

Neither of us has ever seen a goat up close in person. It was pretty exciting.
And she also got her first taste of cotton candy:

When we finally got around to the ferris wheel, she could barely stand to wait in line. I was glad she didn't get scared at the last minute.

I was surprised when she didn't try to get right back on. But she just wanted to get back to the carousel!
She wanted to ride everything, over and over. We didn't get home until midnight!

It really was the best day ever. But if only they had the fair in the fall instead of the hot summer!

What's your favorite carnival ride?


Hello there! My name is June said...

The merry go round is our universal favorite! It looks like one of those day's you'll remember for a lifetime!

RuffHaven said...

O my goodness. This is an adorable post. How sweet is her face in the 4th, 7th, 9th and last photo.
I have always enjoyed taking my kids to fairs, and amusement parks. Oh to be that young again.
Our favorite rides were the scrambler and ferris wheel.

Sara said...

AW! Love this post! She looks like she had a blast and you too. :)

Courtney said...

I cant handle the cuteness! We love the fair too. Jerod and I go to the Brown County fair every year(since we were engaged!)...its where he grew up(not specifically AT the fair...he was raised in a traditional home),so its nostalgic....

Christina said...

What a fun day!!! I love the pictures. I think my favorite carnival rides are nice and low to the ground! haha. Scrambler and tilt-a-wheel!