Sunday, July 11, 2010

Shop Update

So I'm trying out a new schedule. Usually I wander in and out of my craft room all day, trying to get done what I can in ten-minute bits. Not very productive. Once I start something, I can't stop. Fortunately, that stops me from having too many projects going at once. Unfortunately, it also means that when I am forced to stop partway through, I lose interest and don't want to finish!

So here's my new plan:

Monday: Babysit
Tuesday: Bible Ministry
Wednesday: Bible Ministry
Thursday: Babysit
Friday: WORK!
Saturday: Bible Ministry in the morning, work in the afternoon
Sunday: Bible Study

Fridays are great for crafting because Douglas is home and he can watch Carly all day. So I lock myself in my craft room after grabbing some coffee and don't come out until it's time for bed! Or food.

I'm also thinking of splitting up my marketing and blogging time with work time. Once I get started on a computer project, it turns into an all-day thing and I don't get any crafting done! On the other hand, I can't imagine running a very successful business with only one day a week devoted to it. *sigh* We'll see...

Oh, and we finally got my last Ikea shelf put up:

It makes me so happy! It's like a little canvas I can change every day. I love putting different things on it and rearranging them.

We had friends over for dinner last night, so I wanted the finishing touch on the living room. Speaking of dinner last night...
OH gosh what is that??
I'll give you a hint: Nutella. Lots of Nutella.
Maybe I'll post the recipe and all the chocolatey details tomorrow? Mwahahahaha!

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Christina said...

I really like your new items!! Your decor looks great. I rearranged some decor yesterday, it was fun!