Wednesday, August 4, 2010

Depths Of Despair

...As Anne Shirley would say. I dunno why, but I hate it! I guess because of the unemployment issues. And it's disgustingly hot and humid and sunny. Major creativity killer. Usually I'm pretty cheerful and I like to deal with problems by staying busy and productive. But the past few weeks I've been a total blob. You can probably tell by my recent spike of extremely lame blogging. (Grape soda? Come on!) Here are a few things that cheered me up though:

This mountain of embroidery floss:
My friend Michelle said she had some thread I could have. I'm like ok cool, and then she gives me this shopping bag completely full and I nearly had a heart attack! I went straight to Joanns to buy more floss cards, so now I just need to pick a mindless movie (or 2 or 3!) and get to work winding them all. And they're all DMC too, which makes me even happier! I see a lot of fall colors in there, which is great because I don't really have any. Although I did get my shipment of wool felt in fall colors. I know I really need to get going on that. Etsy's treasury list is full of autumn-themed pages! Here's a sneak peek of a new piece for autumn:

I'm going to try to do more neutral pieces. Etsy people seem to like that sort of thing, but it's not really my cup of tea. (You can see from this project that I couldn't keep my hands off the deepest color to start out!) And usually when something is not my style, I have a hard time making it work. We'll see.

Anyway, here's something else that made me super happy:
It's a Namaste Binder! If you don't knit this probably means nothing to you. Let's just say, Namaste bags are like the Lexus-es (Lexuses? Lexi? Plural for Lexus, anyone?) of knitting bags. Isn't my mom the coolest?

See, it looks like a cute handbag! This way people won't catch on right away when you're knitting in line at the grocery store that you're a complete freak. Not that I'd ever do that.
(Oh, and that's obviously not my photo. Like I would ever wear capris. White capris. With drawstrings.
Look at all these pockets!

I know, I've had it for a week and I haven't even loaded it up with my knitting paraphernalia. Like I said, depths of despair here people. But seriously knitting is something I'm dying to get back to. I have some gorgeous yarn that's just sitting here gathering dust. But that's another post.

And here's a picture of my cutie pie. I'm happy to have a photo of this dress because I know I'll never get her to wear it again. She doesn't like it because it doesn't twirl. Oh, to be a kid and your biggest issue is an A-line skirt! Anyway, I think it's the cutest darn dress because of the collar, and I just think it looks so retro. Oh speaking of which, I found something cute at the thrift store I wanna show you. Tomorrow.

And now a thunderstorm is winding up. I feel much better, thanks guys!


ElegantSnobbery said...

OMG, that knitting bag!! And that floss! And that teaser of your craftiness!! And that dress!! AHHH, love everything!

But so sad she wont wear the dress again!!

Absolutely Small said...

That dress is SO cute!!
And oh, the embroidery floss! What a score! The hint of what you're working on looks adorable, too! Those tiny stitches are just perfect.
Anyway, here's hoping the summer fog lifts soon. :)

Sara said...

Love the bag! I so want one! She is adorable. Very cute dress.