Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Fake Grape Flavor Lovers Unite

Omigosh guess what I saw at the grocery store?

Grape. Pop. Tarts.
I didn't buy them, because... Well, because I don't need to get addicted to another high-calorie snack. But it's tempting. Oh so tempting. I love grape-flavored things. Which is actually kind of an oxymoron, because nothing that is grape-flavored actually tastes like a real grape. But that doesn't stop it from being delicious.

Exhibit A:
Sadly, grape slushies are very rare and hard-to-find. Fortunately, grape Smirnoff is readily available at most grocery stores. Mwahahaha....

Speaking of purple things, I'm lusting after this Shabby Apple dress:
Well I should say the toned and fit [smaller] person inside me is lusting after this dress. Actually I'd love to wear just about anything from their site. Super cute stuff.

Has anyone tried the grape Pop Tarts?


thursday said...

I don't think I could stomach a grape pop tart - but they do make me smile. Every time I see a box of these I think of the Gilmore Girls.

Christina said...

I've never really liked grape flavored things! I always wanted to because it seemed when they gave out free lollipops at the banks, I always got stuck with grape and didn't eat it. :P
I love that dress! I'd definitely wear grape!!

Good Girls Studio said...

mmmm....fake grape :) Love me some grape crush soda!