Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Skirt- Finished!

Here's the second skirt I made with my Noodles & Milk pattern:

The fabric is lightweight corduroy, so we'll save it for cooler weather.

Definitely passes the "swing test!"

I think it will look so cute with sweater tights and boots. I have some leftover heart fabric, maybe I'll make a little handkerchief-ish headband?

Oh, and the giveaway winner for the sewing pattern is Peach Rainbow! Congratulations!

I didn't get the secretary job. Or, I assume I didn't since they never called me back. That must be really bad. So I have another interview this afternoon, for a temporary data entry job. I've done that before and I didn't mind it at all. And they pay ridiculously well for just sitting at a computer typing in numbers. It will only last about a month, and then after that I have no idea what I'll do.
Here I am talking like I already have the job hehe. Better get to that interview!


janet said...

Never wait for them to call you...follow up the very next day with a phone call. That shows them you really want the job.

Good luck!!

Janet xox
PS..I used to do the hiring at my old job

janet said...

Forgot to say your skirt is adorable!

Christina said...

The skirt is really cute! :)
I hope you get the next job! Good luck to you.

Sabrina said...

It turned out so cute! I love it!

Absolutely Small said...

The skirt is adorable!! Your girl is so lucky to have a mom who can sew.

Also, hope you get the data entry job! Hooray for good pay for easy work. ^_^