Monday, August 23, 2010

Forbidden Letter Combinations V 2.0

To see how this brouhaha (cool word!) all got started, check out the first post.

And why does this subject always seem to come out at restaurants? I believe there is a psychological link between food consumption and body parts/body functions with weird and gross words. 
At an Applebees with a group of friends, my dad whips out his list of words I hate so that he can add one. I grabbed it from him and attempted to drown it in his glass of ice water, stabbing it violently with the straw in hopes of destroying it forever. He fished it out and recopied it, and was very offended that I would even attempt such a thing.

This installment includes some words that are less tangible in visual form, so this will be a bit tricky:

Starts with an M.

I don't have anything against the dude pictured here, but his name, you know, when it applies to.... wounds... *shudder x 10,000*

This part of a bottle. Or anatomy. Ew ew ew. Also, if you google this word, you will find a picture of a man who has one on his knee. And he pierced it. Ohhhh that's gross.

Just say it to yourself. And gag.

As disturbing as this image is, focus on the word depicted here. (Not poop.) Also in the form of the phrase, "Cop a _____." I really hate when people say that. So weird.

This actually made me laugh out loud. But focus on the F word. Also, never ever ever image google that word. You will never be the same.

Your comments last time thrilled (and disgusted) me to no end. Keep 'em coming!


Rosa said...

Oh my! Those are hilarious! My most hated word is "fresh" when applied to the weather/air. I hate it when people walk outside and say, "It's so fresh!" (I don't hate it when people squeeze a loaf of bread and say, "It's fresh!")

I also hate a lot of words that refer colloquially to female reproductive parts. The pseudo-word "va-jay-jay" makes me want to scream. "P***y" too. Grrr!

I also hate the word "fridge" as a shortened version of refrigerator. It's mostly that random "d." Why don't we just say "frig" or "frige"?


Anonymous said...

OH this whole thing made me laugh!
one night we were playing Trivial Pursuit (I know....)
and my step son started to read his question, stopped, and asked what is a "va-geen-nah".....we all fell on the floor when we read it....v-a-g-i-n-a.....I don't care for that word either, so we say "va-geen-na" around here now....smiles.

SewSweetStitches said...

Oh so true you guys, I can't think of any word for uh... down there.. that ISN'T gross-sounding!