Thursday, August 5, 2010

Plaid Jumper Revolution

I've been following a couple of really interesting sewing blogs lately: Grosgrain and Adventures in Dressmaking. These gals are super talented, and they're always posting about hideous things they found at a thrift store and turned into adorable dresses. I never find anything like that. But last week I did get this:

Sorry the scale is hard to see in the photo, but it's a little girls tunic top. Or maybe a very short dress. I can't tell how old it is, but the fabric is pretty worn. I definitely want to get some photos of Carly wearing it, but I'm more interested in taking it apart and using it as a pattern. Do you think it would work? I'm actually picturing it a little longer, as a dress. And then instead of sleeves, it will be like a jumper and she'd wear a blouse underneath. The bodice would be styled like a german thingie, (I think it's called a drindle? dirndle?) but definitely keep the ruffles.

Something like this:

I think it might look cute in two shades of corduroy? I also found this at the thrift store for 49 cents:

How cute would it be if I made a matching jumper (the pants kind) for my baby nephew and (the skirt kind) for Carly?! Joanns has some really pretty plaid right now. I love plaid. In fact I was thinking how I want a plaid jumper too!

And you know how I love to make our clothes match. But do you think I'm too old to be wearing a jumper? I haven't seen anyone my age wearing them. Then again, I haven't seen anyone wearing them. Well, I guess I'll start a trend! But usually when I think I'm starting a trend, it turns out that it was really popular already and I just didn't know about it because I don't know any trendy hipsters. 
I'm kind of afraid to try it though, not because people might point and laugh, but because the back of patterns always says you might need extra fabric to match plaids. That makes me nervous. Maybe I could test out a jumper pattern on some thrift-store plaid from an old robe or something. Oh wait maybe I could make a cute skirt from an old men's plaid shirt? I've seen a couple tutorials floating around lately, they look like something I might be able to pull off. And then I could just make an extra-wide waistband and straps like suspenders with cool buttons. *excited giggle* How do you think that would look?

(PS. If you say or type the word plaid a lot, it starts sounding really bizarre after a while!)

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