Tuesday, August 17, 2010

What Do Girl Airplanes Knit?

Carly loves to watch old Tex Avery cartoons on YouTube. At first I didn't get the appeal, I never really liked those when I was little. Animals beating the stuffins out of each other can only be funny for so long, you know? But then I saw what she was so enthralled with:

This airplane.
This GIRL airplane.
Is knitting.
The girl airplane is knitting!

Her name is Mary. What would girl airplanes named Mary knit?

Baby airplane clothes, naturally.

If you're not awwwwing right now, just get off my blog. Seriously, because this is the cutest thing in the entire world.
 (ok I didn't mean it, don't go! I'm easily amused!)

You can imagine what happens next...

Come on, now you've got to be Awwwwing, or you have no soul.

Mary is blushing. And she's wearing a skirt. Why is Mary blushing?

Because she's going to have 10,000 more baby planes.

Wouldn't an airplane family playset be much more fun than human baby dolls? I'd be so much more entertained by dressing and undressing airplanes than I would babies.

Anyway, Carly loves this cartoon. She watches it over and over, and I don't mind because I laugh more than she does. All through the cartoon, the mommy and daddy planes are saying to each other, "John..." "Mary..." And Carly gets such a kick out of imitating them. She starts off slow:
"Johhhnnn....." "Maaarrrryyyyyyy....."
Then she picks up the pace, and keeps saying it as fast as she can until she gets tongue-twisted:
"Johnn... Marryyy... John... Mary.... John..Mary..JohnMaryJohnMaryJOHNMARYJOHNMARY!!!"


jenni said...

My my my, Miss Mary has been busy, hasn't she?

Jesse said...

I actually remember that cartoon, heh... Good times!

andrea creates said...

I remember loving that cartoon when I was little ;)

Good Girls Studio said...

So stink'n cute! I remember that cartoon too!

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