Friday, September 3, 2010

Favorites Friday: Tiny Living Things

I've always wanted a terrarium. They're so cute, Especially in miniature! I was thinking today how I'd love to have a little collection (away from small children fingers) on my desk at work.

...Or on my finger!

I want a big one too, of course. That way I could put tiny little cute things in them. Like this house:

I like those little abstract sculptures. Because they don't look like girl parts. Is it just me, or do organic abstract shapes always look like girl parts? I'm thinking of those glass pendants you can buy for jewelry...
Anyway, I think all these things would look lovely together. Yes, even the dinosaurs with the chandelier.


Anonymous said...

Oooh! I have an addiction to tiny things, too. Love the dinos and the cute terrariums!

DoodleBird said...

I shared on facebook!! :)

Lisa said...

aaaawwwee... the thimbles are soooo cute ~*~

Moe said...

I love your blog!! These tiny things are so cute!!

Hello from your newest follower!