Wednesday, September 1, 2010

My New Job

Things I like about my new job:

1. I get a phone, all to myself. It's a very fancy business-ish phone. Like what Business Barbie would have on her desk. If there was a Business Barbie. I can use it to call anyone I want. I like to push the buttons on it. Makes me feel very grown-up and important. The problem is that I don't really need to call anyone. Except my grandma. Don't get me wrong, I love talking to my grandma. It's just that, I can't really think of how to work special words into the conversation. Like.... Client. Associate. TPS reports. Discussing potty-training a three-year-old on my very button-y business phone would just not work. And anyway nobody would call me while I was already on the phone so that I could put the other person on hold and push more buttons. *sigh*

2. I have two gigantor monitors on my desk. When I emailed my dad to tell him about this, here's what he sent back:
Har har har.
But seriously, I have two big computer screens right next to each other. And if I move the mouse pointer thingie across one screen, it will continue on to the other screen. I mean, whoa.

3. I have my own office.
Ok that's not really true.
I have my own cubicle. All to myself. I'm going to put a plant in it. And a box of kleenex. Oh and maybe a candy dish for when my co-workers want to stop by and gossip about the...
You know what, never mind. Juuust kidding.. ehehe.

4. My chair has wheels.

5. There's free coffee. AND the vending machine has slices of Hersheys pie. Ok actually, that's going on the list of things I don't like about my new job. Right below "A block away from Taco Bell."


jenni said...

I hope the nice, shiny, and new never wears off! Congrats on the new job!!

Laurie said...

Sounds like fun to me!!! Congrats on the new job!

La Cabeza Grande said...

Sweet Business Barbie! Congratulations on the new gig, chica.

RuffHaven said...

Do you get to wear pantyhose?
(ducking behind desk and knocking over plant)

Splendid Little Stars said...

oooo...sounds like fun! like that chair on wheels! Now you can roll all around your cubicle!

janet said...

Have fun and keep your fingers away from the monitors mouth ;-)

Janet xox

Ta-Lay-Lay said...

Hey Missy we should do Lunch one day- I am a block away from you- diagonal from Taco Bell. Now I know you are thinking wow how did I get so lucky this close to Taco Bell and Lay-Lay life is great!!!! And to top it off your chair has chair has wheels... wheel right over.....hahaha I slay me (corny I know)- at any rate lets do lunch sometime! Congrats Business Barbie on the new job.

Inspiration Fibers said...

You're a hoot! And so positive :)
I worked in marketing in cubicle and had to run TYP reports. I swear!

Anonymous said...

Many people are probably envious of your space.....smiles