Friday, September 17, 2010

September Summary

Wow I can't believe I haven't written anything in over a week! Well really there's not a whole lot to tell. Since I'm at work all day, analyzing data and comparing numbers, the creativity has been sucked right outta me. Let's just do the highlights. Here's what I've been doing:

-Adding fresh bandaids to the old bandaids on my steak knife-d finger to from a bandaid conglomerate. I know it's not bleeding anymore, and I did take it off once and slather neosporine on it and it looked harmless. But it still hurts terribly, so I'm just going to keep adding more layers of bandaid padding.

- Stalking around the interwebs for tidbits about the season 6 premier of Bones. Here's what I've gathered: There will be a baby. Someone will die. (Besides the dead people.) There will be a busty blonde between Booth and Bones and our emotions will by toyed with until we don't know if we love or hate her.

- Gobbling many, many dollars' worth of Cold-Eeze in the hopes that this oncoming cold will not rear its ugly head for the annual WOOL GATHERING FIBER FEST ON SATURDAY!!! Holla!
The lymph node on my throat/neck keeps doing that nasty swelling-up thing and I don't know what's going on but it's not fun.

-Nurturing my love/hate relationship with the office vending machine. If I'm trying to behave, it will be stocked with chocolate danish, chocolate donuts, and dark chocolate Milky Ways. If I decide to reward myself for eating only one bean burrito instead of my customary two with a side of beef Chalupa supreme, the machine will inevitably contain salami sticks and granola bars.

- Coming home from work and staring bleary-eyed at the walls for awhile, then collapsing into bed with old episodes of Gilmore Girls. Where it's always a perfectly chilly 52 degrees in the perpetually autumnal Stars Hollow, where there's always a hunky guy with free pie and gargantuan mugs of coffee, and where nobody ever has to suffer the humilation of a rushed and sweaty trip through the grocery line with feminine product A, feminine product B, and a king-sized Hershey bar only to be followed by a second trip through the same line to purchase the heavy-duty version of feminine product B and a pack of new panties. Because that last one sounded more like Dayton, Ohio.
I would know.

So.... How's your September going?


Lisa said...

Oh dear. Do I really want to take you with me to Wool Gathering tomorrow???

Sweet Birdy Love said...

Hey Melissa, just 'found' your blog and have had a lovely little wander through your etsy shop. You make some beautiful things, love your embroidery.
Hope you have a relaxing and creative weekend.