Saturday, October 9, 2010

Learning To Spin

...And by spinning, I don't mean the exercise kind.  
Come on, me, exercising? Pffbt!

On Thursday I took a break from my neverending pile of custom orders to try something new- Spinning! I went with my mom to a spinning group at a cute little bookstore, and we brought Carly. She had a great time with her new "spinnel" that Abby gave her. I tried using a drop spindle once, but I didn't really catch on. I made something that looked like what the cat pukes up after major hairball blockage. Fortunately, there are many different ways to use a drop spindle, so I'll keep trying!

Abby Franquemont is a great teacher. She was so patient with Carly, who was delighted to trot over to where I was fuming over a tangled mess to show me how to do it just right. So cute!

As soon as we got home, she tried to teach Daddy how to make yarn too. Love her!

Next week I plan to find a sitter though, because I seriously want to learn how to do this. I don't even know why! I already have way too many hobbies and I'm drowning in orders and projects. Even if I did actually spin anything that actually resembled yarn, am I going to have time to knit it into something?

I've heard that knitters/crafters/people in general can be classified into two categories- Process people and product people. Usually I consider myself a product person- I see a cool sweater, I want the cool sweater, I make the cool sweater. Occasionally, though, I'll get the urge to throw myself into process drama. If I fold the fabric this way, I get this effect. If I turn my yarn this way, it looks like this... Hmm, interesting. Now I wonder what happens if I..... And it doesn't matter what it turns out like in the end. The point was that I had a great time just making it up as I went. 
This might be one of those process moods. Will I ever spin perfect yarn that's prettier than anything I could buy in a store? I highly doubt it. But so what? I'm learning- Creating crafty neuropathways in my brain that will someday lead to some fantastically exciting crafty idea! And when I finally spin up enough fluff to make the most irregular, wonky, pathetic-looking scarf known to mankind, I'll wear it proudly because darnit I MADE THIS YARN!

Now will someone please remind me of this next Thursday when I'm ready to throw my spindle? :)


Hollie May said...

why is she so cute. i have to smash her head with a love cuddle!

andrea creates said...

so cute!
i'm sure you'll love the scarf and it'll look great :)
spinning is something i've always wanted to try too....

Anonymous said...

Oh how precious! Carly looks like she's having so much fun and who wouldn't? I remember when I was a kid I got to try spinning on a spinning wheel and would have taken the thing home with me if they let me lol!

Alli (One Pearl Button) said...

So adorable!! Spinning seems like a really fun process craft - I can see it being very relaxing (once you get the hang of it, of course!). I also tend to be a product crafter, but I think we all can waver back in forth between the two.