Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Ray Eats Poop

It's finally happened.
My mom tried to warn me this day would come, but I didn't listen.

See I got locked out of my intranet thingie at work and so I had to call to get it reset. I hate doing that. I used to work at a call center where I had to help other people reset their passwords and it was terrible. Why are all these people forgetting their passwords? Why are they insisting that we've changed it because they'd neeever do something like forget their own password? I certainly would never forget my own password. That's why I felt free to make all my passwords something as ridiculous as poopyhead.

All my passwords used to be something like: 

Then we got divorced. So of course I had to change all my passwords.



 And from there the passwords evolved into other hateful phrases, until I finally became most comfortable with just plain poopyhead.

So today when I had to call the helpdesk to get my password reset, (which by the way I did not forget, it was umm some kind of... network.. intranet... flux capacitor... error.) The helpdesk guy asked for my password. I had no choice but to tell him, "Poopyhead."
Helpdesk Guy: "I'm sorry, what?"
Me: "Poopyhead"
Hard-of-hearing Helpdesk Guy: "Mam you'll have to speak up."
No-sense-of-humor Helpdesk Guy: "                 ....."

And on top of that, it turned out to be something completely other than the password, something about bypassing network connection blahblahblah.
I think this was the same helpdesk guy who had to trek over to my desk last month because the internet wouldn't connect. Turned out it was unplugged.
So humiliating. But not as humiliating as I'm sure this will someday be:


im zoe said...

i loved this post, i laughed so much at it.
The best post i have read today :)


andrea creates said...

so funny-i guess there's a lesson to be learned here,lol ;)

Lisa said...

Best. Post. Ever.

Still laughing...

Tizzalicious said...

This is by far the best thing I read today :D

Laurie said...

OMG! This is the FUNNIEST post I have ever read! LOVE this and I am going to tweet it and facebook it to everyone! HAHA!

sistersue said...

I think this is hilarious! Can I share it on facebook? Or better yet, you need to post it and let me share it. Seriously, it's that funny! I'm not kidding!

Kimmy said...

fantastic post! my internet connection whatever is named green moose - sure the neighbors see that and think we're nuts