Friday, December 31, 2010

A Productive Week

Well, not the most productive. But not entirely unproductive either. My goals for this week were to catch up on my shop and be healthy, including controlling myself around the seasonal popcorn and exercising. (You know, the popcorn that comes in a big tin and is divided between butter, caramel, and cheese?)
I can honestly say I sort of met one of those goals: My stitching shop is all caught up on hair clips. Jewelry and cozies, not so much.

Also Carly made her first gingerbread house! Well it was my first gingerbread house too, which may be why it never actually made it into "house" form:

I just couldn't figure out how to get the walls to stand up! We bought the kit from Ikea, so all the walls were pre-made. If there were instructions, they were in Swedish so... Yeah that didn't work out so well. At least she had a great time "decorating" it!

Have you ever successfully assembled a gingerbread house?


Sabrina said...

Hot glue is the answer. Hot glue the house together first and then decorate it. Works like a charm:)

janet said...

Hot is great, but if you want to nibble on it that might be a problem ;-)

Royal Icing is the the photo it looks like you were using regular cake type icing...too soft and it will never harden properly.
Go to Google and look up Martha Stewart 'Royal Icing'
It is super simple to make and work with and will hold your house together forever!

Happy New Year!

Janet xox

Language Friendly said...

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