Friday, February 26, 2010

Mini Makeovers

Yeah, I forgot to take a "before" picture.
This is a mirror my mom has had for as long as I can remember, and it was a dark hunter green. I guess it would've looked ok as is, but I wanted it to really pop against the turquoise walls in my living room.

And of course I got tomato red spray paint on my new Gap jeans. I don't normally buy expensive name brand jeans, but they were half off at the outlet mall. The "curvy" fit is really nice. (I'll be sure to include a picture of my butt in them later) Anyway, my keyboard also looks like someone was murdered while typing hehe.

You can't take a picture without me!

Yay! It turned out great, and I'm really happy with the colors. Now if only I can get that last shelf put up above the sofa!

And another little touch-up in the bathroom- These prints I ordered from Lauri on etsy:

Soooo pretty! She has tons of beautiful photos, it was so hard to choose.

I'm trying not to go overboard with painting the walls of our apartment, because I'm going to hate re-painting them white if/when we move out. But it's such a cheap way to add a ton of color! I'm itching to do the bathroom walls pale pink, and then use watered-down silver acrylic paint to apply some kind of metallic texture treatment.

Here's a glimpse of the style I'm going for. Tarnished silver, pale pink, and minty green. Does anyone know how to do the wall treatment I'm talking about, or have any advice on what kind of paint/materials to use? I'd love to hear your ideas!

Well anyway tomorrow I'm going to Trendy Bindi to drop off some consignment items, so I'd better get crack-a-lackin on making them! Have a great day everybody!

Stunning Stationery

From Dutch Door Press,
I ordered a notecard set:

A card for my dad:

And a notecard to use in a frame:

I love the red and yellow with the turquoise wall! I might hang it up, not sure yet.
Half of the notecard set was framed and hung on the wall by the front door:

Aren't they adorable!? Add in $3 for the frames (Ikea) and that's a complete wall arrangement for about $6!

The card was so perfect for my dad, because he has a thing for guitars, (he even makes them by hand from scratch!) and because it wasn't sappy. But still pretty! I sent it to him to thank him for all the work he's done on our apartment. We had over a dozen shelves to hang up!

The paper was so high-quality, and it was a dream to write on. I already sent off one of my leftover notecards! Dutch Door Press has darling cards for just about every occasion, and even totebags and calendars. I'll definitely be back!

Thursday, February 25, 2010

Congratulations Aubrey!

Aubrey, you're the winner of the baby girl dress pattern giveaway! Please send me your address at so I can get that out to you.
Thanks to everyone who commented, and I'll be having another giveaway in a few days. This one will be for anyone who loves to craft!

Simple Is Better

I will admit, I get just as giddy over the glittery, hot pink-packaged girly toys as the next gal. But when it comes to holding the attention of a toddler for longer than five minutes, the simple toys win every time.

This wooden train set is so cute! The track pieces snap together easily, and the little painted cars are magnetic for easy maneuvering by tiny fingers. Every time we go to Ikea we end up taking home another extension set! For some reason it makes me feel good to buy toys like this for my kid. I think she can use her imagination and keep herself busy with this for years to come. Plus they won't break and are easy to clean! Oh and they develop fine motor skills and logical thinking. (Ok, so I got that last part off the product description. It sounds official.)

Here are some handmade quality toys I found on etsy, too cute!

This cracks me up. A wooden roast chicken complete with carving knife. And the pieces actually come apart! Overwhelmingly cute. SS Woodcraft even has toys for the Daddy's Girl:

Have you ever seen anything as adorable as this breakfast set by ForeverAfters? What kid wouldn't love strips of wooden bacon?? And check out the precious little sewing set- I could never choose!

How darling is this bedroom playset by Raptor Baby! Look at the detail of the little book and flowerpot- Awwww! And check out the robot and rocket, how creative!

I think my little girl and I would fight over these toys, so cute!

Presents Time!

Lookie what I won from Ingo Design!

What a gorgeous necklace!
It's made of copper wire and turquoise chips, and I just LOVE it!

Ok, I don't look so thrilled in this pic but that's because I get really frustrated when trying to take a picture of myself. But I am thrilled! I looooove turquoise and this will match all kinds of tops that I already have. I wore it one day last week and got tons of compliments.
Thank you Inna, you are truly talented!

Be sure to check out Inna's shop, she has some really beautiful and unique jewelry!

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

More Baby Yums

Look what I found in a box of photos!

Jess n Miss

Here's a picture of my brother and I, taken about 23 years ago by my dad.
And speaking of cute little babies, guess who's coming to my house next week!

Have you EVER seen anything SO cute!!??
(My brother's new baby)

He'll only be here two days a week, so I'm working my schedule around that. Tuesdays and Thursdays will be completely devoted to the kids. Then I'll have two days a week to work on my shop, and three days a week for family stuff and housekeeping. Wait.. 2, and 2... and 3... Yep, that's seven! Since we just moved into this new apartment I'm hoping for a fresh start, with a planned routine. I'm almost completely off Celexa, so no more zombie-ness all day. We sent our kitty to a new home, and our old apartment had mold issues, so hopefully my asthma will keep quiet and being healthy will contribute to productivity! I do so love productivity. My shop has been so sad and quiet, but I have so many plans!

This is the schedule my Little Bunny wrote out for me. Looks like I'm booked up all week!


I heart Sweden. This is their idea of dessert. And it's a very good idea. Very good.

It's called "Delicato," and it's a fluffy mound of chocolate mocha mousse with a coating of sweet coconut. Delicious with vanilla chai tea!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Officially A Toddler

Which is kind of sad. I miss the baby chub, the baby smell, the baby sounds.
A chronological trip down memory lane in honor of my baby turning 3 years old *sniff*...

Jammin' with Papaw

Bathtime makes me happy!!!

Sitting in a Chair

Baby in a robe

Carly in her swing

I'm With the Band

Grandma Rocks

Punk Carly

Sleeping Sweetie

Having fun at GG's

Sunshiny Day

Look she can hold her own cup awww

Carly-sized rocking chair




AND as a thank you/reward for suffering through dozens of photos of someone elses kid, I present to you... a giveaway!


Up for grabs is a Simplicity dress pattern sized for babies 7 pounds to 24 pounds. Also included is a soft flannel-ish cotton, perfect for spring, and three sets of matching plastic flower buttons. How much fabric is there, you ask? I don't know honestly, and I don't want to unfold it to find out. Truth is, I bought this when I was pregnant with my Chiclet and never got around to making it. And all my friends insist on producing baby boys. SO I'm passing it on! (Please note, this comes from a cat-friendly home!)
To be entered in the giveaway, just leave a comment and be sure to include your email address! The winner will be chosen randomly on Thursday, February 25th.