Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Sweet Finds

Remember when I started the Sweet Finds flickr group a while back? Welllllll we're up to 17 members, and I thought I would show off just a few participants:

More exquisite photos from Jen here

all the colours of the rainbow....
I am nuts about this mobile! I'm picturing it in curtain form for Carly's room.

I have several pieces of Heather's jewelry in my favorites!

Cutest. Card. EVERRR.

I knew Lara was a talented jewelry maker, but I had no idea she could stitch too!

Chocolate and Roses Cupcake
This print from Marisa is my favorite, but it is hard to choose. If you like sock monkeys, bunnies, mushroom houses, or anything cute, you must check out her shop!

If you have anything cute to share, please join my flickr group. It doesn't have to be something you sell, it can be anything pretty or sweet.

In other news, guess what I'm doing tomorrow. 
Starting my new job!

I'm trying not to think about it too much because I might get nervous. So far, the thing I'm most anxious about is what to wear. I have a closet full of adorable business-casual clothes from when I worked at a bank last year, but they don't fit anymore :(
I have a new eating plan: Four meals per day of 400 calories each. Or less, and then I can fit in healthy snacks. And really, I don't want to go at this like a diet. I can't believe I'm saying this, but I want to learn to eat healthy all the time. 
Now I'm not saying  I'm cutting out chocolate frosting or anything, but I want to set a better example for Carly. She's gotten used to snacking all day, and not on anything good. I'm hoping that if we just stop buying junk, eventually she will accept that if she wants a snack, she can eat something like carrots and peanut butter or stay hungry.
So I made a list of all the things that work in the 400-calorie meal plan. It doesn't look so bad. I can still arrange the choices to include the occasional brownie. Also, I could eat things off the Taco Bell fresco menu all day every day. Woohoo!
If I add a workout or an uphill walk every evening, I can meet my fitness goal before it gets cold enough for my winter clothes. Woohoo!

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Things That Freak. Me. OUT.

I'm not scared of spiders, the dark, or heights. I have an odd revulsion to the feel of a toothbrush against another person's teeth (Douglas is the official brusher of Carly's teeth.) And toenail clippers make me shiver. Other than that, all my fears can be summed up into Things That Don't Exist But That I Will Dream About Almost Every Night.

1. Bridges made out of one long steel beam.
When this dream starts, my dream self tells my sleeping self, "Oh great, here goes the bridge dream again..." But that doesn't make it any less horrifying. There are several variations of this- Bridges that are a steep decline, like a sheer drop onto a six-inch-wide stick or rope. At that point, to cross the very dirty raging river, I have to get out of the car and get across however I can. Usually this is on my tummy, and there's a windstorm. 
My palms are sweating just typing it.

The strange thing is, I'm not afraid of bridges at all. I've carefully planned out what I would do in the event that a bridge actually broke while I am crossing. I'd unbuckle my seat belt, roll down the front two windows, unbuckle my kid, and swim to safety. I'm so not scared in fact, that I dare a bridge to break while I'm on it.

2. Tyrannosaurus Rex.
I'm pretty sure this has something to do with my favorite movie, Jurassic Park. In the T-Rex dream, my childhood neighbors are being attacked. I go over there to help them and make sure they don't move, because as everyone but my neighbors knows, T-Rex can't see you if you don't move. But someone always moves, and so we have to run to the next house as T-Rex stomps the former house into smithereens. 

The weird thing is that I'm not really scared of T-Rex, I'm really scared of velociraptors. They're the smart ones that can open doors and work in packs. That's why I'm always careful to sleep with my feet and hands tucked safely under the blankets. I know there are no velociraptors under my bed, but... Still. It seems like a good practice.

3. Aliens.
It's becoming apparent that I watch way too much TV. 
The aliens in my nightmares are a species made up of the things from War of the Worlds, Xenomorphs, and the things from Independence Day.
These dreams are always in a futuristic version of a random neighborhood I've lived in. They usually come in through the windows. Because, you know, they've got those sky-scraper legs and tentacle-y arms and attacking protruding tongues.

4. Working at the drive-through window.
I used to be a restaurant manager, and we had an insane goal of serving each customer through the drive through in less than 25 seconds. Actually, 25 seconds would be considered heinously slow. You're just a failure if you do it in any less than 18.
So in this nightmare, I'm always staffed with 16-year-olds. And it's their first day. And the corporate president is visiting. And I get a phone order: In 10 minutes, someone very important will be coming to pick up 500 gluten-free bagels (no such thing) and a cement mixer truck-full of caviar goats milk cream cheese. (What is that, I don't even know.)

5. Cannibal Pirates.
The last time I had this dream, I was babysitting dozens of small children. (In the dream. I would never do that.) And cannibal pirates ate most of them while I ran away to save myself. And then they captured me and made me eat a human hand. It was like the inside of a kiwi, but crispy. But I ate it, to make them think I was cool with that and I wouldn't escape. And then the pirates leave the most doofus-ish pirate in charge of the prisoners, and I have to slit his throat to escape. So I somehow get my sword (I don't have a sword.) and try to slice his throat, but I really don't want to, because that's wrong. But I have to. But I only nick him. So then I have to stab his stomach, and his intestines come out. And... then I run away.

Yes, it's obvious. I watch too much TV. If I watch a movie or show about, say, a serial killer stalker, I'm fine. If I watch a movie about things that don't exist- Dinosaurs, aliens, underground tremors trying to eat Kevin Bacon, I totally freak out. 
Remember that movie with Will Smith, and the whole world got a virus that turned them into albino zombies? I've never seen it, but it was on TV and Douglas was watching it. I came in at the part where Will Smith is trying to coax his dog out of the bank and the zombies show up and start chasing him with their super-human running powers, and I screamed bloody murder and burst into tears.
This morning I was in the shower, thinking about the albino zombies, (Because that's where I do my best thinking) and I turned my face into the water. Behind me, I heard a loud bang. I screamed and screamed and screamed. 
It was the bar of soap. Behind me, the bar of soap had fallen off the soap holder and crashed on the bottom of the bathtub. 
Douglas came running in to see what was wrong. I had to explain how I had mistaken the bar of soap for an albino zombie in the bathtub. Not one of my finer moments.
He laughed and closed the door. I took the rest of my shower with the curtain open so I could keep an eye on the bathroom.
I'll probably have terrible nightmares tonight.

Friday, August 27, 2010

Favorites Friday: A Dozen

Here are a dozen of my recently hearted etsy favorites:

This is PERFECT for Carly- She could use it when she spends the night with Grandma (Mimi) and Great Grandma (G.G.)

What is it with me and a need for wearing animals on my head? Dunno.

I don't know what I'd make with this, I just know I want it. To look at, and occasionally rub my cheek on it.

Thursday, August 26, 2010

Fall Skirt- Finished!

Here's the second skirt I made with my Noodles & Milk pattern:

The fabric is lightweight corduroy, so we'll save it for cooler weather.

Definitely passes the "swing test!"

I think it will look so cute with sweater tights and boots. I have some leftover heart fabric, maybe I'll make a little handkerchief-ish headband?

Oh, and the giveaway winner for the sewing pattern is Peach Rainbow! Congratulations!

I didn't get the secretary job. Or, I assume I didn't since they never called me back. That must be really bad. So I have another interview this afternoon, for a temporary data entry job. I've done that before and I didn't mind it at all. And they pay ridiculously well for just sitting at a computer typing in numbers. It will only last about a month, and then after that I have no idea what I'll do.
Here I am talking like I already have the job hehe. Better get to that interview!

Monday, August 23, 2010

Forbidden Letter Combinations V 2.0

To see how this brouhaha (cool word!) all got started, check out the first post.

And why does this subject always seem to come out at restaurants? I believe there is a psychological link between food consumption and body parts/body functions with weird and gross words. 
At an Applebees with a group of friends, my dad whips out his list of words I hate so that he can add one. I grabbed it from him and attempted to drown it in his glass of ice water, stabbing it violently with the straw in hopes of destroying it forever. He fished it out and recopied it, and was very offended that I would even attempt such a thing.

This installment includes some words that are less tangible in visual form, so this will be a bit tricky:

Starts with an M.

I don't have anything against the dude pictured here, but his name, you know, when it applies to.... wounds... *shudder x 10,000*

This part of a bottle. Or anatomy. Ew ew ew. Also, if you google this word, you will find a picture of a man who has one on his knee. And he pierced it. Ohhhh that's gross.

Just say it to yourself. And gag.

As disturbing as this image is, focus on the word depicted here. (Not poop.) Also in the form of the phrase, "Cop a _____." I really hate when people say that. So weird.

This actually made me laugh out loud. But focus on the F word. Also, never ever ever image google that word. You will never be the same.

Your comments last time thrilled (and disgusted) me to no end. Keep 'em coming!

Sunday, August 22, 2010

And I Thought We Were Past This

I'm going to bet that 99.99% of you don't remember this post, since it was my second or third post ever, but it is a snapshot of what life was like last year. Kidlet getting into anything and everything the moment Mommy's back was turned. Which must have been many moments, considering how much "getting into" she did.
Well it's been a while, and I thought she could be trusted with markers and a coloring book while I got some sewing done.

Apparently not.

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Oops, I Cheated

I just realized I forgot to do Favorites Friday!
I know this is cheating, but please accept these two treasuries in the place of Favorites Friday!

Lately I've gotten into the habit of making two treasuries at once. When I'm really in love with a theme, it feels left undone in just one color scheme! These two are a bit different from my usual ones. Normally I like to have clear, white backgrounds with a close-up of the listing that really pops. Today I tried a more in-your-face look, like an eclectic cluttered mess! I think that's more my style in real life anyway. I'm not one for stark simplicity. I like it over the top!

Speaking of etsy, I've heard it said that the new wider page layout makes your shop page look like your own personal treasury. I love that! There are a few changes that I know they're still working on, but overall I'd love to hear your opinion of the new look!
If you're strictly a buyer on etsy and you haven't seen it yet, go have a look at your favorite shops and let me know what you think!

Up In The Air

I like routine. I like lists. I like to be in control.

The past few weeks, things are spinning out of control and I'm losing my mind!

Well ok, that might be a bit of an exaggeration. Really the unemployment is what's making things crazy. I feel like this fall/winter is when my shop was really going to take off, and now that I'm completely off that evil Celexa, I can function like a normal person and everything will be ok.
But now I'll be working full time. Well, hopefully working full time. Meaning I have to actually be hired first. The interview on Thursday went alright, I thought. I did my best Emma Pillsbury, which I thought was very appropriate for a school secretary candidate:

Or as an extremely unflattering skirt length model. Whatever.
I will not delete the photo. I will not delete the photo. I will leave it up as a motivation to stick to a diet!

My very thin sister-in-law sent those over. Isn't she sweet? Peanut butter buckeyes, for those poor souls who don't know what they're looking at!

Anyway. There are plenty of successful sellers on etsy who also work full time outside the home. And have children. Right? Right?
Well, I'm sure something will work out. Right? Right?
I'm just not sure what direction this is all going now. What is my goal here? To make a little extra money for savings? To make enough to support my family? To amuse myself? Aaargh!

I have managed to make a few things this week, all very autumn-y:

Oh, and I can't believe I forgot to mention there's a giveaway over at Noodles & Milk for a custom set of my embroidered flower hair clips! So get on over there and enter before Wednesday!

Thursday, August 19, 2010

Job Interview

By the time you read this, I will be at, or will have been at, a job interview.
For a real job.
I'm a bit nervous, of course, and when I'm nervous I make really stupid jokes. Ohhh I hope I don't do that.

At least I can have confidence in my resume. It sounds pretty good, I used a lot of big words.
And I didn't make anything up:

Ok now I have to go find something to wear. Ahhhh!

Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Adorable Little Girls Sewing Patterns! (and a giveaway!)

Look what I made! Isn't it precious?
Oh yeah, and the skirt too! (Get it?)

How did I accomplish this feat of complete and utter cuteness? That's a question to ask your parents. Ohh you mean the skirt? (Sorry, I can't help myself!)

I followed this pattern:
It's a super simple, straightforward set of instructions from Noodles and Milk. 

I don't have to tell you how much Carly loves it. It definitely passes her fashion test. For any piece of clothing to be deemed acceptable and worthy, it must meet the following criteria:
Does it..
  • Twirl?
  • Bounce?
  • Curtsy?
If so, then the article of clothing in question may be applied to her highness without all manner of fuss and general ruckus. This skirt definitely passed the test! I couldn't get her to take it off! I love the fabric. It's big fruits on the bottom and a matching smaller pattern on the top. I have some plastic fruit beads, and I thought about stitching them to the shirt or something, but I haven't (and probably never will) got around to it.

The pattern came in PDF format, so no waiting, and the thing I love most was no pattern pieces to cut! I hate cutting and pinning those floaty things. I love that I can basically memorize the fabric measurements for each piece, and if I'm out and about and see some really cute fabric, I'll know right then and there how much to buy if I want to make this skirt again!
I already made a second one for fall out of corduroy. The thicker fabric actually made the gathering easier, I was surprised. I'll get photos asap!

Sabrina, the designer behind Noodles and Milk, has two other cute patterns that I want to try next:

Cutest model ever!
I'll probably wait until next spring to try the other two, (she has a discount for buying multiple patterns!) but that dress would look really cute in coordinating corduroys and a turtleneck underneath! That's what I love about patterns like these. You can alter them however you'd like for your child. That's handy for me because Carly fits a 3T up top but 4-5T on her legs! This way I can make things longer if I need to.

On to the giveaway!
Sabrina is just about the nicest gal ever, and she's offering a free pattern of your choice! Woohoo!
You have three ways to enter:

1. Check out the Noodles & Milk shop and leave a blog comment with your favorite pattern or who you would love to create it for.
2. Become a Noodles & Milk Facebook Fan.
3. Become a Noodles & Milk blog follower.

 Please leave each comment separately and include your email address.

If you decide to just go ahead and buy a pattern right away (do it! do it!)  Use the coupon code "Sewsweet" for $1 off your pattern purchase. Valid 8/18-8/27

Winner will be selected randomly on 8/25.