Wednesday, January 26, 2011

My Little Ballerina

Like most female children under the age of 7, Carly wants to be a ballerina. I'm fine with that, especially since right now her ballet shoes only cost $6.99 at the local Target instead of [insert price of authentic toe shoes here] at the not-so-local [insert name of obscure dance supply shop here]. Also, her costume is pretty simple so far:
She already had a little leotard and tutu from Target, but it was worn out after only a few weeks. We practically had to tear it off her at bedtime! I'll be surprised if this one lasts much longer, because it was made by me. I am terrible at sewing! Picture an orangutan standing on the sewing machine table, slapping its hands and feet on anything and everything in a hysterical attempt to make a 3D wearable object out of a misshapen pile of hacked up fabric.

But she sure liked it! At Joann's, I let her pick out the colors. Big mistake. My eyeballs were practically burned through by the time I got done with the neon leotard. I used a pattern, but I could have saved myself $5 by just using one of Carly's undershirts as a stencil. It ended up being roomy, but maybe it will hold up long enough for her to grow into it!

I made a short pink-and-purple tutu also, but she refuses to wear it because she loves the long one so much. So I tied it around Daddy's waist instead so he could dance with her. It was a big hit with Carly, but not so much with Daddy. Unfortunately he wouldn't let me get the camera out! Let me assure you though, it was just as hilarious as you're imagining :)


jenni said...

such a cute kid.

i love it!

janet said...

Carly is adorable....twirl baby..twirl!

Janet xox