Friday, February 11, 2011

Holy Happening Bookstore, Batman!

On Thursdays, my mom and I sometimes go to a knitting/spinning/whatever-you-do group. It's held at a charming little used book store that opened not too long ago. I try to buy a book or two whenever I go, as a gesture of support to the family-run business, which isn't too difficult because the have a fantastic section for children! I could spend a LOT of money in that tiny little 20-foot-square area. They have the entire Laura Ingalls Wilder boxed set- so tempting! And so many I forgot about but loved in my childhood: The Boxcar Children, Louisa May Alcott, Beverly Cleary's Ramona books, Where The Red Fern Grows (oh my gosh I bawled my eyes bloody every time I read that!)
I grab a couple off that list every so often, but Carly's not too interested in stories without colored pictures yet. But it's so hard to restrain myself, because I'm dying to read them all again! But for a couple more years I'll have to be content with Little Golden Books and the Sesame Street series. Which isn't too bad, I have fond memories of Bert and Ernie at the grocery store in Don't Forget The Oatmeal! And who could forget Grover's classic, The Monster At The End Of This Book- So cute! This week I found my favorite, The House Of Seven Colors.

 Anyway, I forgot to show you what I found a while back at the used book store. I was so excited because I've been looking for a copy of the old binder version of Better Homes and Gardens Garden Book
. I've seen it at vintage shops for over $30, but I found a 1961 edition for $6!!

I also found this adorable little Good Housekeeping's Book Of Home Entertainment from 1961:

There's no way I could entertain anyone under the age of 80 with the stuff in there, but it's still so cute!

This week nobody showed up for the knitting group, I think a lot of people were sick. So Mom and I went back to her house and started a TV series called Downton Abbey. She's been raving about it for weeks, and even my dad got into it! I guess this is gonna be like when we got hooked on Battlestar Galactica- all I want to do is watch this show! We only got through the first episode last night, I can't wait to catch the next one. 
It opens with the morning after the Titanic sank. An earl and his family have lost two cousins, the heirs to the title and estate. So now they have to drag in this third cousin that they've never even met, and the ruckus begins. There's also a story line going with the household staff and their hierarchy drama, so that's pretty interesting. The clothes and house are fantastic, here's the trailer:

Have you seen the whole series?
What were your favorite childrens books?


jenni said...

Dudette, I'm so glad you started watching Downton. That way when the second season comes out we can chat it up !!!!!

My Vintage Mending said...

Melissa, you will love it. Just a great TV show finally! I bought the DVD set and sewed all the way through it. Sew fun...Smiles...Renee