Thursday, March 3, 2011

Mail Day!

Mail is great. When it doesn't contain bills, right? Today it had these:

"We're gonna share, Mommy?"

I ordered these handmade tumblers from Center Hill Clay Works. Aren't they gorgeous?
Carly's always had her own special cup. My mom bought it for her from Starbucks when Carly was just a tiny baby. It's the red one on the right:

Soon after she bought it, we saw a notice that they were being recalled because if the cup was dropped and broken, there would be sharp edges. At the time, we had a good laugh over it because really, I mean.. duh, right? Well a couple weeks ago I actually did drop and break it, and darnit if those edges weren't razor sharp!
So I ordered the tumblers and she loves them. When we have tea, I use the blue one and she uses the pink one.

I also got some books. Surprisingly, the one I love the most is Wee Wonderfuls.
I think Carly feels the same way!

Usually when I get a craft book, I like a few of the patterns. Occasionally I like a lot or most of the patterns. But I love ALL the patterns in this book, every single one. There's even a topsy-turvy doll, she has a second head where her butt goes and the dress is reversible so you flip her upside down and.... Hmm I'm not explaining this very well lol, you'll have to get the book! The project I'm probably the least excited about is the mermaid, which of course is what sent Carly into a shrieking frenzy as soon as she saw it!

It is cute, but I'm really itching to get to these...

I like the idea of all the options you could do for the clothes and the trim and accessories. A friend recently gave me a huge bag of upholstery and drapery fabric:

I think the blue and pink velvet will be soft for the body, and the plaid and polka-dot overlay will be so pretty as a dress! Carly likes dolls, but she's still not very interested in changing their clothes and playing with the accessories. She likes to snuggle them and put them to bed. Hey, sounds kind of like me as a parent haha!

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