Thursday, March 3, 2011

National Side Ponytail Day

In honor of waking up late and doing the bare necessities to be presentable for public consumption, I declare this...

National Side Ponytail Day

I've tried this look before. The reception was less than pleasant:

But that's what little brothers are for right, so I'm not listening to him.
And don't look too closely at that photo, it was the morning after a sleepless night of camping in the freezing rain.
Side ponytails are making a comeback, check it out....
You can go up high:
Rachel of Twist Your Stitches has a darling daughter!

Lisa of Chaos Appreciation

An adorable ponytail hat by Our Lady Of The Snows
Or down low...

Liz! So cute

Kyong aka CheekyTart!

Either way, cute and comfy! I was just thinking, there are some other 80's trends we should bring back..

Dorky sweaters and feathered hair!

Colorblock everything!

 Banana clips!

T shirt clips! Wait, I'm actually still undecided on that one. I came along a little too late to experience this trend firsthand, so maybe it wasn't that great...

And here are some that I really hope never come back!

Sweetheart necklines. I don't know why, I just hate them so much.

Floral jeans. Or pants of any kind. *shudder* And check out how high the waistlines are! Now that's flattering. < /sarcasm >
I also wouldn't mind if I never saw another scrunchie ever again.
How about you? Any 80's trends that you miss or any that you would like to stay dead forever?


jenni said...

Oh, man. I love the SPT! I'm rocking a low one today! With dinosaur bumps.

Marisa Hopkins said...

This post scared me. :D

Also, I had those t-shirt clips. TOTALLY RADICAL!

Rachel said...

Totally thinking the peacock "pouf" in the front (read: Aqua Net Bangs) should make a brief comeback for those wimpy bangs out there now...

Spiral Perms? EH?

Don't forget penny so comfy. Especially with the folded and pinned legs of the Levi's.


I'm going to go look at my yearbooks now and relive some moments of glory.

Thanks for the flashback!!!!

Liz(onTheHill) said...

Narrow headbands across the forehead.

coryparkey said...

Oh! I love this post! Btw, it's too late, the floral jeans/pants are back! I saw some in the new girl's line at Target...made me laugh ; )