Wednesday, March 2, 2011

On Unreasonable Expectations

Several times a year, my family and I attend a special Bible assembly. Since we'll be seeing many of our friends and family that we don't get to hang out with very often, this is a prime opportunity to doll up my kid like some kind of prissy show pony. We have an assembly coming up in three weeks that is two days long. This means a chance for two awesomesauce dresses. I always try to wait until as close to the assembly day as possible to pick out the dresses because I can never contain myself to just the one or two that is actually needed. I have yet to succeed. And sometimes I suffer delusions of grandeur that I'm going to make her dress by hand. This month is one of those times.
Exhibit A:

Beautiful, right? I can't think of any dress at any store that could top this one in adorableness. And I found the perfect fabric on clearance for $3 a yard. It's a shiny plaid taffeta in dainty colors:

Sorry for the cruddy photos. I got a new flash and I'm still struggling to figure it out. Anyway, it's much prettier in person I promise. And little pearl buttons awww!

Potential problems with this idea:
  • I am a terrible seamstress
  • My machine can't do buttonholes, zigzag, or anything but forward and reverse. I don't even have a zipper foot to do the piping. And even if I did, I'd rather chew glass than make piping.
  • I've never done ribbon embroidery
  • The pattern I bought is slightly too big for my kid
  • Seam allowances and I don't understand each other. (see first point)
  • The Vogue pattern is marked skill level advanced (see first point)
  • I've read through the instructions a gazillion times and I still don't understand what to do with this seam binding it told me to buy. And if this is anything like building Ikea furniture, you can't just shrug and move on when you see extra pieces laying around. It will not end well.
  • I have 3 more weeks to make this, and it's taken me a week just to cut out the practice muslin pieces.
And then there's the issue of unreasonable expectations. I can't just make the dress and be happy that I produced a garment that doesn't look like a kindergartner constructed it. I'll need to make a matching hairband. And ruffle socks. Hey maybe a little pearl necklace. And it's March, so she'll need a little sweater. Not a store-bought sweater. Pfffbt.

Which brings me to the second issue. I found the other dress, and it's amazing:

Again, crappy photo but in real life the fabric is a silky gray-blue with a little sheen. It matches her eyes beautifully, and of course she's in love with it. The problem is that it's sleeveless. She'll need a little something around her shoulders. And I recently picked up a Debbie Bliss magazine (BIG mistake) with this on the cover:

Isn't it FANTASTIC?! Can't you just picture that in a featherweight shimmery silver kidsilk? Child size, of course. sigh.
Someone talk me down.


42 things said...

what do you mean? I don't think I can talk you down 'cause I like it!

futuregirl said...

OK. Do not do this. BUT you can still dream about what an amazing dress it would have been, "If only you'd had time ..." sigh. See? You *wanted* to do it, you *could* have done it, but you just don't have the time. Sometimes dreams are much better as dreams and should never be made into living nightmares. I say, "Dream big and go buy your little cutie dress #2."

SewSweetStitches said...

Oh Alice your faith in me is so encouraging lol

andrea creates said...

good look with that,lol. i think i'd go with whatever easiest myself ;) though they all look really pretty :)

Anonymous said...

Step away from the sewing machine! Step away. There is not enough time to get both the dress and your sanity out of there. Now the lace, on the other hand, you could totally do it. Totally. Do it.