Wednesday, April 27, 2011

Carly's First Ballet Class!

She had to leave the bunny behind when she actually went into the class. Surprisingly, she was ok with that. I, however, am not. She's not a baby anymore! She can go somewhere without Grubby Bunny!! Sadface.

I was only allowed to watch quietly through the door way for the first class. Yeah, I'm one of those obnoxious moms who brings her camera and sniffles pathetically through the whole thing, occasionally glancing around with pride to see if anyone else notices how amazingly awesome my kid is.
But those little girls had coordinating hair bows, and one even had leg warmers. So I'm the worst mom ever pretty much. Whatever.
*off to google knitted legwarmer patterns!*


jenni said...

Oh man. I loved ballet class.

janet said...

she looks so adorable in her leotards. You should machine felt an old wool or cashmere sweater..cut off the sleeves...instant legwarmers!

Janet xox

janet said...

I found a good tute for the leg warmers

Sara said...

Love her little ballet outfit! I did a sewing blog on how to make leg warmers out of knee high socks.

knitted ones are fine, just take longer. You could probably whip these out in an hour.