Monday, April 25, 2011

Over The Weekend I...

...Made veggie pizzas with Carly:

She especially loved rolling out the dough. I told her the other day that we were going to make our own pizza dough, and the poor kid walked around with the misconception that we were having cookie dough for dinner all day! But we still had a great time together. She grated the carrot and put all the chopped veggies on top. We'll have to do it more often!

And I had a movie night with Douglas
 This movie was SO funny! We also watched The Tourist, which was awful. Just really really stupid and totally disappointing. Fortunately, I was able to get a lot of work done during the terrible movie and I finally listed this:

It's a cuff bracelet. I'm mad about the crappy photos, but what can you do when it's been raining nonstop for weeks. Which, by the way, I am NOT complaining about. I love the rain and the storms and the lack of blinding sunlight in my eyes. I think Carly enjoys it too, because right in the middle of Jurassic Park I looked out the patio door and saw this:

There she was, playing in the pouring rain. Love that kid!

I feel like I've been talking about Carly way too much on my blog lately. I'm sure you're all really bored, but I can't help it. I miss her so much, I feel like I hardly even know her anymore. And then I feel even more guilty when I get home from work because I'm way too tired to play with her or even listen to her happy chatter. That's terrible, I hate it. She's only four, but she's already way too big to fit on my lap anymore. She's like a frenzied bundle of flailing arms and legs. Every time she falls asleep in my arms, I think what if this is the last time I ever hold her like this? Because one day she'll just decide that she's too much of a big girl to do things like that anymore. I can't even remember the last time I got to hold her like that. Ok wow I'm getting waaay too weepy right now lol.

Which reminds me, I really wish I'd brought these to work with me today:
 These. Are. The Best. Candies. Ever.
Imagine ground up Mounds bars with little flecks of almonds mixed in and a coating like M&Ms. So. Perfect.
I may need to run to the grocery store now :/

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